Aight, as requested by my dear friend Rue during one of our boring classes :

“Blog about me”

Hence, I shall do the honours of blogging about you. AND YOU alone. and no one else.

Dear Rue, this entire post is especially for you!


We met last year in March during her intake and in mid 2007, we joined the stageplay by Mr. Bhatt under The Actors Studio.

Chilling during rehearsals

There’s not only workworkwork, we do have our share of fun with the rest downtown in Momo

*picture removed due to personal request*

That’s her in white!
Ain’t she pweeeetty?

So yeah, just for public information and pre-warning, her name is Ruebni and PRONOUNCED THAT WAY.

She simply hates it when people calls her RU-BI-NI.

So please, go for phonetic classes if you can’t pronounce her name right because this this chick bites! =D
Don’t make that mistake like everyone else


She too has a human pet; probably one that she bought from Facebook just like we all did
Ain’t the lil thing adorable??
It comes with braces too!

And this semester, we happen to fall in the same Radio Production class! Here we are, amongst the WHOLE motley crew of amateur DJs

*click to enlarge*

Just like me, she had her complications in looking for the power button to switch on the Console. Dang, why were we chosen by Mr.Ken (the one sniggering at the corner) to locate the godforsaken button??

I was also equally as disapointed when I couldn’t locate that offending button! Glad we have endured those sarcastic verbal-bullets by Mr.Ken so this is from me and the Rue-community :

*picture removed due to personal request*

Sometimes during those free times in the recording studio, she would stretch out her legs and beckon others to form comparions… for reasons which are beyond me. Probably because she is proud of her odourless crisp white socks

*click to enlarge*

All in all, after all those fun and silly times, I’m glad we’re in the same radio statio

n group this semester!

Behold, the mighty PWN.FM – Owning the airwaves

*to my team mates, click to enlarge
and save the picture if you want it*

And that, my dear students is my take on our history of Ruebni and I

♥♥♥Love ya Rue!!♥♥♥

Your Request: Completed!
(yes Rue, I did take it seriously)
Didn’t think I would, did ya?

heehee* winks