Alrighty! Like I promised, here’s the full coverage of shots from the recent Roxy-Quiksilver Spring Summer Collection 2009. If you’ve read my preview post – [click here], you’ll find a bikini babe, a surfer dude, group photos and much more!


Haven’t had enough?
Well once again.. feast your eyes, peeps

When I arrived at the event, the stage was awesomely decorated already. I just loved the architectural designs and the touch of nature there.


There were lotsa goodie bags prepared for the (male & female) media and guess what? It contained Roxy’s Eu de Toilette, Roxy & Quiksilver button badges, a Roxy mug, Roxy vouchers and many other fab grabs.

Quiksilver for the male media/press
Roxy for the female media/press

Yours truly was delighted with all the lovely freebies
(and did I mention free drinks too?)

Apart from drinks, there were tid-bits for all!
Prawns, Squids and others which I can’t recall
Ask my stomach. Maybe she remembers


Met up with the rest of my buddies who were present for the event too. We were all stoked to see what Roxy had in store for us gurls! Woots!

Roxy is such love, dont’cha think so, gurls?

Joshua and I

On the red carpet (yes iknowright, the decor makes it so grand!), are my buddy photojunkies too. They were the OP so, it’s pretty hard to catch them running around.

Aaron, Myself, David

Nigel & I
Thanks buddy!

Finally, it was about to begin.
Without wasting any time, let’s enthuse over the showdown!

Behold the latest collection from Roxy & Quiksilver :

The top looks really sweet!

And *ahem* hubba hubba!~

Kel Li and I loved this pair of skinny jeans!

They have bags for men too

And for the bold guys – colorful boardshorts!
SUDDENLY in the near distance, I spotted a rather interesting subject. As there were lotsa macho and hunky male models parading their stuff, someone in prticular grew a little bored.

How come you didn’t tell us?

Take that for keeping a long lost secret!
Now, there’s TWO dusty’s

okay okay
I get your hint.

All eyes on me in the center of the ring~
Just like a circus~

Smart yet casual.
Loving the bag too!

Lacy and girly


Beachwear! Woo hoo!
Such cute striped shorts

This is one of my fave sundresses I saw
*scampers off to purchase it

They have eco-friendly bags too
Go see it!

Sexy curls!

Pretty and simple white tops can always do the trick

Now i see the reason why everyone should go on a diet.

Aight, enough of the ladies. Now, it’s back to the guys once more!
Gurls, prepare for some eye-candy!

Keanu Reeves’s son?

Straw hats and boardshorts

Who’s the real slim shady?

And when they were all done, they paraded all in line unanimously! You catch the drift, right? That’s what they always do in fashion shows.

And Joey G, our master of ceremony, came out after the show was over. He shared some light moments with the crowd with his typical banter and before you know it, that marks the end of the event!

It was a pretty interesting fashion show, felt privileged to see the launching in front of my very eyes! Imma go head down to Roxy soon to grab a couple of stuff already. I know what I have in mind!

Muchas Gracias

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