Somebody is coming back tonight!!


Well, it’s been a while since we’ve all last hung out and laughed ourselves silly. =)
We all miss you, and glad that you’re back!

Anyway, here’s something that I did for you for the mere sake of poking fun at you. Also of course, because you’re a good friend to laugh with and at. =P

bet you had no idea I was capturing your whole merman attempt

Oh and, the sly Vincent-the-mamak came back in such a hush-hush manner. HAHAHA. Any royal arrival back to Penang must be announced in a grand manner next time okays? =) Cos with or without exams, I will definitely find the time to hang out with yall, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR? *winks*


If you repeat such unearthly actions, the gang will not hesitate to insert a larger vegetative instrument down your throat (i.e : carrot) ^_^

Anyways, don’t forget the hiking & gathering this weekend you awesome asses!