entering the week of doom; where all final presentations & assignments are due.


Tough luck! But the final hurdle’s not over yet!
I guess, before it’s too late and before I switch to -N E R D- mode a week before the exams, I just wanna holla that Radio Production is my favourite subject this semester!

Credits goes out to Mr. Ken – our Radio Production lecturer
He’s also part of the (fellow mass commers would know this) sarcastic madness!

I introduce you, Mr. Neoh Soon Ken
(Wendy, I think you have a similar picture of him)

And our dearest radio & sound techician – Mr. Heng

Who sat by us patiently and was always there for us if we needed
assistance during our recordings and practice sessions..

Cat & Nads squeezing Mr. Heng tight

I never get to say this enough but, from all of us in JAM.FM Version 9:
we love youuuuuu~!!!!

We have sssssso much fun in the studio and those times when we were under tremendous pressure were (if I have to say so myself) the bestest times of all, working together.

I know, the biggest one is yet to come (this Thursday & Friday) but still, all the times where we stayed back till 7pm in the recording studio & even begging Mr. Heng to give us some extension time were tough fun.

And all the times where bestie Joyce skipped Tuesday classes to join our Wednesday classes

Hurrah! The more the merrier

We shall move on to the VVIPS.
The peeps in my radio station – PWN.FM.

She’s always been there for me in times in need but apart from that we always seem to have fun and joke around. This bubbly chick was also in the same drama as I was which was held last year. Sweet natured but have the ability to freak out if neccessary.

Rue dear & her humanpet Ivan
Love ya woman! =)

Now, who could have the supernatural ability to make my blood boil but is *sigh* STILL retardedly adorable all the same? My former colleague in G2000, neighbour (sort of) and one of my dearest classmates :

Check out my C-Box on the top right of my blog.
He spammed it. That’s right.

Which leaves us down to one more person in my radio station yet to be mentioned.
Raguuuuuu Dhanagopal (did I get thi

s right Ragu?) teehee.
He’s a great friend, and a good reliable person in our group. He is aVisual-Kei absorbed and a die-hard liverpool fan.

What’s your secret Ragu?

Care to turn the paper around to show us?




Umm… wow.

Nope, I was only kidding.
Ragu the versatile –

With him around, dare you enter KDU’s school of communication?

oh lookie! Another ghoul in the house!
Did Halloween come early this year?

Ghost of Christmas Past – Nadia!

Poor Sheryn!


Apart from the ‘Fantastic Four’ in PWN.FM, there are also other fab peeps who make Radio Production classes double triple quadruple the fun!

The ‘Wednesday’ JEANS peeps

And more ‘Wednesday’ peeps

Now what about the ‘Tuesday’ peeps? Well, we haven’t taken our whole JAM.FM V9’s family photo yet. So I guess, this will have to suffice first! =D

Karyn! Look!

In the end….

After all the madness & laughter,
The massive bomb we will achieve,
So let’s say a lil silent prayer,
Our best & efforts is what we believe!

Yes, gogogo JAM.FM V9!

Do come and give us support if you may =)
Pretty Please?

It’s THIS Thursday & Friday at 1pm
in KDU College Cafeteria



and 3… 2… 1…