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After HanChiang, Disted-Stamford, TARC and PTPL are already done with their prom, the KDU Prom Nite is drawing nearer and nearer!

This year round, we have the KDU Idol talent competition and I’m proud to say that many of my friends have joined in. Oh well, they’re a handfulla talented peeps so why not?

I’m rooting for ONE PERSON in particular.
My best friend – Joyce!

And I’ve been supporting her since Day #1 when she was still deciding whether or not to join.It was nice to go to the training sessions with her too, though I’ve only been a couple of times

Whilst listening to other participants practice
(ignore the horny devil horns… ahahah)

That’s Benignus passionately training his performance
And trust me, he can wow you away!

That’s his girlfriend and I watching him
during the KDU Idol Semi Finals

(haha yes, he’s taken)

A few weeks ago, KDU Idol Semi Finals were held in our main foyer

The red-ribbon procedure

Personally, I despise the part AFTER that procedure. The super-long (and I mean, SUPER HELL LONG) speech given by our principle. Seriously, what ever happened to the short and simple? The impact can still be there!

Giving such a long boring speech can really impair our attention span. No joke about that. I think throughout my entire college life, I’ve sat down for almost 10 of her speeches and ALL of them are horrendously boringlong, regardless of what event.

From 15 people, it was narrowed down to only 7.
Check out the finalists!

The girl in blue pulled out at the last minute

Yes I picked them.. for I am the judge.
(ahaha yeah right. Just taking advantage of the coincidental name)

So, here they are.. one by one.
Full of emotion during their performance

And of course,
most of my support goes to my bosom buddy!

Just like them, everyone is to give full AND VERY LOUD support to their favorite contestant!

The competition attracted lots and lots of students and lecturers.
Even outsiders came as well

3 of my friends and proud finalists and I

At last.. the rehearsal day is today. In an hour from now, Imma skip class (with permission) and head down to Equatorial Hotel for that full-day meeting & prom rehearsal.

I’m involved in this whole event cos I’m part of the KDU Student Council Team 2008; and working with these awesome people made the work even more fun!

That’s the board of us wacky peeps

And for those who would like to attend KDU’s Prom Nite, either to support your friends competing for KDU Idol or just to have a great meal and to socialize, it’s not too late. Contact me via e-mail or leave a comment and I will book you a ticket

And this is Jazz Tan, our leader of the board!

Student Council wishes you guys all the best!

lotsa love,

See you at our prom!

ZOMG I’m late for the rehearsal!

Edit : Okay so.. TODAY is prom!!! ZOMG ZOMG.

What am I gonna wear tonight? nyhaahaahaha….

Anyway, here are some prom pictures for you to relish

High School Graduation Prom Noon 2006

My bff Janice & I

Fellow Ranger Eileen & I
(Gurl, if u see this : holllaaaaa~!)

College Beta Year Prom Night 2007

Classmates Lynn, Ivan & I

Fellow Mass Commers & lecturers

Nadz & I
Black & Red Combo

Lovely EmCee Naina & I
(she’s the emcee again this year)

So, those were the previous prom I’ve enjoyed..
what about this years?

But I’m in the Prom Committee this year, which means I will hardly be able to relax during the event. =( Will be going around ushering VIPs to the stage, lucky draws, presentation of mock cheques & being the photographer.


i can’t wait for tonight!!