I’ve always wondered, why do men have nipples?


Aight, I’m not seeking some thesis-long Biological explanation just so you know.
It’s just pretty amusing as to why ’em guys actually possess them.

Okay, so let’s get analytical. I did a mini Q&A session with ma’ boys & gurls :

What is the 1st thing that comes to your mind when asked,

character smileys

“What can nipples do?”

[i][c=4]Victoria [/c][/i] says:
for the milk to come out? LOL

– MICHAEL YIP – says:
Girl Nipple produce milk (rofl mike. i didn’t know nipples have genders!)

i’m C e D says:
nipples… hmm… so that a mother would know where to begin breastfeeding her baby?

Veneez♥ says:
hm. it doesnt do anything except being the only way for a woman to breast feed lo

[Ass-a-nation] YingYang – | Te amo says:
MILK lah

[ ms. YiLing ] 頑張ります ! says:
for guys i’ve no idea. for girls it’s for milk suckling from the child i guess?

[N!g3L] says:
to produce mom milk for baby?

And the verdict?
MEN AND NIPPLES. forum smileys
No, they don’t need it for breastfeeding.

So.. WHY do men need nipples?

No seriously.
YOU tell me

So yeah, I spotted this “nipple” book whilst at the Singapore MPH book fair last weekend and I showed this to Ducclebears. He laughed at my face and called me silly. Hmmph!

Yeah sweetie, silly for you.
Bleh. Corny! scuba diving in cancun

The book fair was just insane.
Imagine lining up for a whole hour just to purchase the books you’ve picked out. Goodness me, I reckon the queue was at least 200m long, if not more.

The queue stretched till the 4 corners of the huge warehouse


No offence to the bookworms out there though.

Because I fully understand that not all reading material are made up of only textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries and the like… or definitely not this :

The History of William Shakespeare.
Hey, if you’ve lived a life as deep as this fella, you’d prolly have a biography about yourself as thick as a rhino’s skin.

Books are pretty damn awesome, if I have to say so myself. A few books there actually caught my eye! Both, titles and designs.

Okay honestly, I’m a sucker for artsy book cover designs. So to all the publishing houses : if you want an extra customer, then funk up your book cover and I’ll buy it regardless of whether or not the story is good. ROFL

I remember BestieBenj and I often hit Borders to check out awesome books, back in my Penang days. He has a fancy for those silly books like ‘101 things to do before you die’ or ‘How to survive a zombie attack’. Then again, he would always take me to the culinary section full of
fab books
like this –

Argh… Food! Nom nom nom.
How can I not bask in gastronomic glory?

Oh look! Another artsy book –

How ingenious!

But wait a sec-
Another iPod book?


Whee! That’s what I’m talking about yo :

Okay I’ve finally decided what to do for my 3rd tattoo already.
Yeah I’m known to be very fickle. Heh.

Wowza and guess what I found? Check this out –

I spy with my little eye..
something begining with ‘K’ and ends with an ‘A’

Hmm.. speaking if which.
When it eventually comes to a point of choosing names to give my offsprings, I swear it’s never gonna be ‘Edmund’ and ‘Rosemary’.

Get my point?



Is your job bullsh*t and stressing your hair out?

Because it’s the weekends! What’s the remedy for the lethargy you’ve had during the weekdays?

Nurse Jessie recommends.

When we finally finished scouring the entire warehouse, it’s time for purchases!

Ugh. Don’t worry.
We didn’t buy that much.

(i know i look bimbotic in this picture wtf but it’s the only pic i have with him)
Thecousin didn’t buy anything.
Or did he? Only that interior design book if I’m not wrong.

scuba diving in South Africa

Ima happy gurl as usual after a shopping haul of … books. Hey, at least I don’t feel so bad having spent all those money. After all, books are -cough- intellectual and food for thought, no?

Forgive theboyfie. /smacks
He loves to ruin my peektures.

When we got home, we bought a whopping 20books +/- altogether. (I forgot the exact number. Apologies. hee) But check out mine alone! Thankiesss Ducclebears


omfg now how on earth am I to finish all those books?

innocent smileys

edit : a dear reader of mine Jhnhth, referred me to Scientific America, and it turns out that after a complex explanation, I’ve gathered that the answer to why do men have nipples is merely this –

“chests would also look pretty funny with just hair”
“simply because women do”