Following the stories from my Singapore holidays : [here],
this is where I left off

So yeah, I arrived in Changi Airport and was given a warm welcome by Ducclebears♥
he suddenly surprised me with something really really sweet *

Anyway, being a bona fide fish-lover, Fish & Co. was the dinner selection for the night.
Check out the huge juggernaut below!

i. cannot. finish. the. entire. thing.

The close ones will all know that I hardly ever order drinks during dinner or lunch time. Reason being; I never get to finish the entire glass.

Phew! thank God for creating the male species fully equipped with large appetites.

Ducclebears finished the juggernaut and even his entire meal
(which I reckon can feed Bosnian children for a week)

Holidaying in Singapore for a whole week was jam-packed with fun and excitement. I was so occupied as there were outings, hangouts and plans everyday with various people!

A huge local music campaign was running in Marina too

There were local bands everywhere and a huge crowd grooving to their beats. The decorations for the music-themed event were indeed impressive!

Also, I spotted a rather interesting architectural layout. However, there didn’t seem to be a way to get to those staircases.

8 staircases that leads to the very same place!
Reminds me the octopus’ tentacles

My wallet could actually echo by the time the one-week holiday was over. It was shopping everyday at various shopping malls and places that spell fun!

Bestie Joyce & I beholding the shopping haven, Bugis

Statement tees came in abundance!
I was spoilt for choice, no seriously. @_@ In the end, BestieJoyce picked a few and so did I


After a whopping 5 hours in Bugis, yes purchases were made by all of us! Including the dudes that accompanied us. Looks like we were devoid of the willpower to control our cashflow!

Men (and women) in black

I was awfully tempted to buy this tophat. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted one. *grins* but never found a valid reason to own it. Neither would I wear it out. Ohwells. So, it’s a no-no for me

Felix the Cat, much?

Bugis wasn’t the only place we shopped, obviously. We hit every single building along the stretch of Orchard which sold any merchandise. Yes, that would mean all the shopping malls. Be it high-end to the lowest end, we did not miss any!

Girls being girls

One of the places we patronized was of course, Aldo. My favorite brand for footwear, after Charles & Keith. They have such sexy heels, bags and accessories – I so cannot resist!

and thankewww x 100
for that lovely pair of Aldo heels, ducclebears!

Both medarlings acting silly in Aldo
Typical them!

Shopped around for some blouses to wear to work too. As the dress code for the magazine company I’m interning for is semi-formal/smart casual, I don’t have to go all Miss Prim & Proper black-tie-power-suit everyday. Phew!

Bought a few of these simple and
comfy blouses from Dorothy Perkins

Aldo again, yes BestieJoyce and I were certainly drawn to that outlet; as we’ve always been. We bought a matching pair of pretty flip-flops from there too!

Hers on the left and mine on the right

One can never have enough vibrant flip-flops!

Seeing double?
Well double it!
As a student-cum-intern, I knew that LV’s were waaaay outta my league
Just you wait!
Years down the road of success, I’ll be a proud owner of one!
*crosses fingers*

So for now, I’ll avoid the thousands and just stick to what I deem affordable. I’ve got a long way to go peeps


One fine day, I decided to experiment something.
What if I get a blonde streak of highlights admidst my redhead?

It would look something like this :

Nahh. Looks ghastly beyond words
As expected, I decided against it

Youth Park was one of the places we hungout as well. Trust me, it was nothing like the Youth Park back in Penang. Back there, Youth Park was more of a huge park with jogging tracks, trees, playgrounds and routes leading to hiking grounds.

But Singapore’s Youth Park differed in terms of concept and layout.

Us against a huge mock double-deckered bus

Ballerinas in dire need of practice?

The Youth Park here was more of a huge hangout area beside the Ministry Of Youth & Sports headquarters or state council, I wasn’t that clear of the name. But it was a very youth and urban oriented place.

Graffiti on the park benches!
I’ve always been drawn to artsy stuff

Impressive murals on the walls of the buildings nearby


The best part about this youth park was that there was a very famous eatery adjacent to this building.

Behold people, the insanely populated Botak Jones!

Oh by the way,
the trivia written in white font was actually printed on the menu itself.

A simple place capable of serving delicious meals in gigantic portions.
And can you scream AFFORDABLE?? Woots! What could be a better deal for huge-sized delectable meals worth every cent that you fork out?

They use Heinz & Plochman dressings too!
*licks lips*

Although this one-week holiday made me turn somewhat like a bon vivant, I know that holidays will always end soon. S
o why not make the best of it?

Get your cutlery ready, readers!

Treated to a delightful seafood platter

This meal looks pretty suggestive, no?

Beef lasagne from Dome Cafe

A meal which cannot be consumed by ONE individual alone
Pictures my looks deceiving, but it was an A4-sized chicken murtabak with cheese and eggs

Tasty Hong Kong duck noodles from Food Republic

Goes without saying, Unagi Maki from Sake Sushi

And a whole lot of food,
enough to satiate my devious appetite!

Calories gained must be burnt off gradually, however little.

Ven and I promised to dance the DDR routines
the moment she got back to Singapore

Staying out late almost every night made us all even more hyper to explore every nook and cranny of Singapore. We passed by this arty statue and attempted to imitate its position.

The trio of imposters
sue us!

And when no one was looking, we did it again indoors!

Okay fine, the security guard chuckled

On certain evenings, we didn’t hustle and bustle with the jostling crowd in all its busy-ness. Ducclebears took me to a serene place called Riverside to chill.

Loved the sights and the view from here.
Wished I lived in a home with such a view!

then again, who doesn’t?

Many other interesting sights & sounds, but that’s another story. Coming up soon! But for now,

Yes that includes the cookie&brownies babes YZ & YL!




In the airport, I caught sight of something that brings back memories of one of my childhood cartoon shows :

Whoa! She hit the Malaysian shores!
Where are the 101 dalmations?
Oh and, the day I sneaked in and attended lectures in the National University of Singapore will be up next! Which also includes an attempted suicide video of a student which i caught exclusively on my camera!