FINALLY! The KayElle Episode 4 is up, and it’s the grand finale! ^_^

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Since this it’s gonna be the final episode to wrap it all up, imma make it summin’ special

Are you ready for a Broad-est-Way Musical? XD

Introducing the cast :
Jess, Shar and AhBern!


As the teaser depicts, episode 4 is about a muscial that I’ve created,
aptly named the Ah-Bern Poppins!

Jessica and Sharlyn met up in MidValley for a game of bowling, to determine who is entitled for the VIP tickets for the AhBern Poppins Musical. The one which has the most number of strikes will emerge as the winner.

So, let the games begin!
But alas, the both of us had the same amount of strikes.

So, we decided to share the love and go together, that’s us on our longest journey for the much anticipated modern-classic musical.

~Like a shooting star~~ ~I can go the distance~~ ~I will search the world~~ ~For the Poppins Musical~~ ~I don’t care how far~~ ~I can go the distance~~
[adapted from ‘Go the Distance’]

so here we are waiting and lining up for the Ah-Bern Musical.

~So Ah-Bern we will waaaaaiit for you~~ ~Cos I don’t know what else we… can.. do~~~~

[adapted from ‘Wait for You’]

And decided to grab a few bites down @Kenny Rogers

~Mamamama-Fiiinnnn I’m Lovin’ It~~

[adapted from ‘I’m Lovin’ It]

I wonder whose extra hand is that? *gasp*
Could Ah-Bern Poppins possibly flew down with his mighty umbrella to join us for our humble meal?

Producer Jessica Tan met up with Mr. Ah-Bern Poppins and she de-masculine-ed him with accessories such has lovely ol’ victorian sunhats and tophats!

~Pretty Ah-Bern~~ ~Walking down the street~~ ~Pretty Ah-Bern~~ ~The kind I’d like to meet~~

[adapted from the ‘Pretty Woman’ soundtrack]
Ta-daaaa! Now, he’s all prepped up to meet Mary!
(not the one with the little lamb whose fleece was white as snow)

And through fate and destiny, Ah-Bern Poppins met the love of his life – the famous Mary Poppins atop a rooftop in London overlooking the Big Ben!

~We’re on the top of London lookin~~ ~Down on creation and the only explanation I can find~~~ ~It’s the lovvvve that I found ever since you’ve been around~~ ~Your love’s put me at the top of London~~
[adapted from ‘Top of the World’]
Unfortunately, Mary Poppins was a husband dominator. She dragged him around and across the globe to everywhere she flew to, and even when her tiny umbrella can’t carry the both of them.


So Ah-Bern Poppins couldn’t stand Mary anymore. So he mary-ied another woman and another woman and another woman behind Mary’s back. (pun intended)

Womanizer~ Woman-Womanizer~~ You’re a womanizer~~ Oh Womanizer~~ Oh You’re a Womanizer Ah-Bern~~ You, You You Are~~ You, You You Are~~ Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer~~

[adapted from ‘Womanizer’]

Producer Jessica Tan fired him from the job as the leading actor from her musical as he caused the supporting actress Mary Poppins heartbreak and pain.

Cause she’s brooooooooooooken~~ when she’s lonnnnnnnnnesome~~ and she don’t feeeeeeeel right~~ when Ah-Bern go awaaaaaaaay~~
[adapted from ‘Broken’]
And strangled him to his near-death.

~I might as well take a gun and put it through his head~~ ~Get it over with~~ ~I don’t wanna do thisss~~ ~I don’t wanna be…. a murdererrr~~
[adapted from ‘Unfaithful’]

So, Mary Poppins flew away via her beloved umbrella and left poor Ah-Bern Poppins all alone with his umbrella and the memories of her black flowery hat.
Oh and, he grew boobs waiting for her return.

~So delicious (It’s hot hot)~~
So delicious (I put them boys on rock rock)~~
So delicious (They want a slice of what I got)~~
I’m Booobalicious (t-t-t-t-t tasty, tasty)~~
[adapted from ‘Fergalicious’]

Thank you all for watching and singing along to this maiden musical of mine, don’t forget your belongings when you leave the theaters


*curtains fall*