Aight, been really busy with travel and accommodation arrangements. As most of you know, I’m moving to the city – KayElle for a few months.

Internship life begins in 2 days time and I just can’t wait!
My gold gift to survive KayElle!

Mom and the rest of the focker family sent me off right to the doorstep and we bid adieu. Now, I’m on my own, folks!
Rest assured, this lady will be *crosses fingers* street smart and savvy enough to brave the odds here.


Spent the whole day moving in, spring cleaning and packing the room with my new roomate, Evelyn! *huggss roomie*


Stay tuned very soon for where I left off with my

  • Singapore holidays
  • Farewell houseparty (this is kraaaazzyy)
  • Bloggers’ gathering in Pavillion
  • Earth hour KLCC photoshoot
  • … and a whole lot more of random truckloads of juicy bits!

Wish me luck! More updates soon!

Imma go off to Ikea now to buy a laundry basket & new bedsheets