Yes, I’m blogging from Singapore now and I’ve had a whole lotta fun! And so much to share with you peeps! But still, a promise is a promise. ^_^


Tick Tock goes the clock.. and as I promised, here’s the 2nd Episode of my Kay Elle trip!

We all headed to Sunway Pyramid and those who accepted my DDR challenge was TomatoChris and Josh.


The DDR peeps

Wuahahhha I was drenched in perspiration during and after DDR as always – just like when Benjie and I have our DDR Marathons. *coughs* One day, just you wait Benjie.. I will be better than you Mr. Sifu! ^_^

Tried this on and many others just for the fun of it

I just love shopping in Sunway Pyramid for one reason and one reason onlythey have awesome statement tees! Yeah, those attitude tees as some call it. meloves.

Whilst walking aimlessly into the bathroom to freshen up, I caught sight of this very interesting signage.


In the TOILET of all places, the place where one excretes foul deposits or either releases their number ones and twos. WHY would I ever want to improve my taste and smell senses here?


Tomatochris suggested bowling in One Utama, to which I gladly obliged. Whee~! I’ve always loved bowling but was never exceptionally any good at it. LOL


Broken nails. Darn.


I believe my aforementioned lack of bowling skills is now proven.


Ahahaahha as many of my readers would k


T – tomato

E – emyisei (524)

P – pommmmmpommmmm

Anyway, on the way back, we spotted this very peculiar white bundle in the middle of the carpark.


When inspected closer, OHHHMIIIGOOODNESSS it was a used baby diaper which obviously reeked, to which I assume has been left there for a considerable amount of time. -___-“


The very next day, we had a lunch gathering in The Curve. It was rather amusing to mingle about with the gang, and to camwhore kaw-kaw (translation for the benefit of my non-chinese readers: Hokkien slang for doing something in an extreme manner) with every silly bit of them all.


Like wtf



Kena tertarik

Pity stepson YingYang wasn’t there to join us so…

here’s something I’ve spotted for ya!


Bangga or not?

(if not bangga, i won’t send you to tumbletots)

The food at Kim Gary was palatable as it always had been, and check out the mega-eater of us all.


Hmm.. that’s quite a humongous bowl for quite a small person XD

I had
my fave Unagi & Seafood Cheese-Baked rice.


Les-partner Cathy and I tried to capture a decent picture of ourselves only to be obstructed by a green-eyed someone.


AHAHAHAAHAHA You’ll get your turn boy, line up XD


Jealous TW?

Remember when I mentioned in Episode One [here] about my incestuous family? Ahahahahah yes, the one that gays with their stepfathers and fathers. Well, I guess this is Exhibit B of the public displays of affection in this one big family of bloggers ~♥


All my hatred goes out to ahpek tzelih!


*delivers a fatal punch*


XP Aiya.. you know we love you-lah.

We headed down to Starbucks as usual and wheee Green Tea Latte time!

Remember when I promised in Episode One [here] that there will be some 18SX action? Muahhahaahaaaahhaa check it out :


step one


Get a load of that! ROFL

Hmm.. I wonder where you’re gonna hide your face already TzeLih and TeckWeng. XP

*runs away*

Stay tuned for episode 3!