Right as about now, is one of my besties Minny Chan’s birthday.


Yeah… sure. We were looking forward to it all month and I even bought her a birthday gift already

How would you feel if you couldn’t make it to one of your closest pal’s burfday?

How dare dad disallow me to go?

So right now at this very moment while you’re enjoying your butt off at your burfday party, I’m stuck here at home with only my online buddies to hold me when I fall and to see me thru it all~

(you know who you are)

After a good cry, here’s something dedicated to you my dear friend.

I first met her a long time ago in the clubs. That was when we were hardcore clubbers who partied 3 nites a week. But the strangest thing was, we never talked face to face before.

We had alot of things in common back then:
1. High alcohol tolerance

2. Red Hair

3. Black wristbands
4. Same height

5. Same style

However, we kept leaving each other messages that we wanna party together but… never did. Cos somehow, we eventually stopped hitting the clubs frequently anymore.

We then somehow met again at the same birthday party – SuTing’s 18th burfday bash at Equatorial Hotel.

Our first picture together!

And then.. we were avid gym junkies as well. We hit Celebrity Fitness along with another good friend Ralph almost everyday. WOW. And the thing was,

after EVERY workout, we will never fail to go for Sushi King for dinner.

Then somehow or in some blessed way, she was the one responsible for bringing me back to church. Nope, I didn’t backslide but… I was begining to forsake God and so I seldom talk to Him anymore.

Meeting so many wonderful Church youths too

My life was a wreck back then.
Soon, I was on fire again with the love of God and believe me, it never felt so right in His hands of protection.


At TheRealm, church have NEVER been this fun. The worship leader rocks!! Hahah he can be such a funny sport at times. And the fun times we had at church were :



Women’s conference

Apart from hangin out in church, we and degang hung out and had so much fun all the time. Seriously, they are one wacky bunch!

My life was spruced up and soon I was having fun again having all those late night suppers, shopping, dinnerring, lunching and whatever that spells fun!!

Taking random candid pictures on the escalator


At Medusa Gold


And even more…


Playin pool altogether..

with the boys Bernard, Ralph & Benjie

Watched movies & eating at Kim Gary, Faces, Mamak..

And chilling at RED Belissa Row

Sang our lungs out during karaoke times

We even went for the ticklish and jelly-fiying experience [here]

And the most recent outing was in an exquisite place somewhere somehow (but that’s another story) Anyway, here’s the sneak peak!

Can you handle BOTH of us?

So to speak, we also kinda “work” together. We were the photographers for the USM Tanglung festival..

and she was always there with me when
I teach the Photography Club students of USM.
I can’t believe I had my DSLR fully charged to be the
official photographer of your burfday bash.

Apart from all the fun babe, you were often there in times when I was emo. We can practically talk about anything! There are hardly any secrets between us and I loved the times were laughed and made fun about “something”. (youknow-iknow-heknows-theyknow-LOL)

babe, we rock!!

Well, that’s all I can do for you since I’m stuck at home over here longing to get outta the house and to join u guys for the birthday.

I didn’t even manage to give you the birthday present I bought for you, nor have a piece of the burfday cake, nor join yall for camwhore sessions, nor clinking booze with yall and most of all, not being able to give you the big birthday hug at 12 am.

So here I am, writing with conviction…

Much love.

T_T wish i was there.