Malaysia had it rockin’ this time round as MTV World Stage was held at Sunway Surf Beach for the veryberry 1st time. This round, we saw the likes of Kasabian, Estranged, Pixie Lott, Boys Like Girls and my all time fave, The All American Rejects.

If I’m not wrong, the stats had 30K people in the house raving hard to these fabulous MTV rockstars. And guess what? For once, I wasn’t part of it – choosing to make my parents proud and attend my graduation ceremony instead of rockin my head off at this prestigious gig ๐Ÿ™

Rockin my graduation when
MTV world stage was flying high

I’m somehow glad I made this decision though. You toiled through 2 and a half years & are finally at the end of the tunnel, don’t you want to receive your scroll on stage proudly in a proper convocation? I do. And so do the rest of my classmates.


With this, I bring you KDU Penang’s Graduation Ceremony 2009 held in Traders Hotel, by Shangri-La. It was to me, more of a Harry Potter fan club gathering than a convocation as we all had those wizardry cloaks to wear.

similar much?

I arrived the earliest (haha righhttttt) and luckily Nadia and Ms. Felicia helped me out with my Harry Potter cloak graduation robe. Gosh, I had no clue that it was that complicated to put on. Oh and FML my robe kept slipping off and the safety pins kept popping out for chrissakes.

Thanks muchie!

The students were all rounded up into the holding room – where no parents walk the earth. LOL anyway, what else could we do in that room other than to adjust our robes, chat, adjust our robes, make-up, adjust our robes, camwhore, adjust our robes and adjust our robes.

Darn those oversized garments!
Ron, Hermione & Harry
Myself with the MILF
Kindly ignore the oversized robes which make us look 100lb heavier.
Hey! I just noticed this multi-racial photo!
Malaysians : Chinese, Malay & Indian
One of my fave lecturers – Mr. Irwan
He’s so bubbly I tell ya, but remember to run a mile as his
moodswings can put a thunderstorm to shame
Myself with ex-‘Blondie-Shake-Head’ Kumar
and Leo tumpang glamour in the background!
Mr. Mark trying to pick up a fight when Kumar
made fun of his extra-shiny and polished head
I have a strange tendency to play with my lecturers’ motar board
Damn what dya call that dangling mini-broom again?
I’ve always thought ONE Enrique was enough
Dubbed the ‘short Chinaman with funny hair’ by Mr. Ken

During the graduation rehearsal & the ceremony itself,
we cannot deny that at some points, it bored us to tears (and hunger)
But Keira and I kept each other company
as we were placed nearby in alphabetical order

wheee! I love my sunflower bouquet
Thanks mom!

It was almost time! Most of us had butterflies in our stomach as the dramatic music played, imminent of our entrance into the Grand Ballroom. Oh randomly, WHY WASN’T IT OUR TURN THIS YEAR TO GET THE BLACK & RED ROBE? roar. It’s my favorite color!

Communication students walking the aisle
That’s me on the left if you hadn’t noticed.

Once we sat down, it was the series of long speeches by the principal, a minister of something-something, the president of the IMI Switzerland thingy and many other VIPs. Sorry for not remembering as I completely tuned out during the formalities – having only 3 hours of sleep the night before. FML

Then we were signalled to turn around and give
a welcoming applause to our parents
One by one, names of students were called out from various diploma/degree programmes under many departments such as the school of Engineering, Science & Technology, the school of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts and the school of Arts & Social Sciences to receive their scroll.

i can haz scrollz

The next moment made mom & dad proud.
One student will be chosen from each school to be called on stage to receive an extra award. With joy, I was selected to be the receipient of the Book Prize from the Department of Mass Communications. Couldn’t have done it without my lecturers Mr.Mark, Mr. Ken, Mr. Irwan, Ms. Felicia, Ms. Ruby, Mr. Shen-Hoei, Mr. Aaron, Ms. Goh and Mr. Soohoo. My grattitude goes out to all of you!

This is for my family, my lecturers and myself bwahahahha.

Looks like being a nerd in college paid off!
I know a few of our juniors are reading this right now too. Heyya loves, you’ve only got a few more semesters to go, so ace your exams and get that boom boom pow going! Work hard while you’re at it. But don’t forget to party harder! Woots

Quote of the Day
by Mike’s Mom

“Mike, before you return your gown you better make sure
you take picture with us first ah!?! I want ah!
Remember, you know? Must ah!”

Okay, must must auntie.

We were all then rounded up like sheep again to the stage for a
large group photo with the principal and the VIPs
Can you see me & Abigail posing?

Once I exited the grand ballroom, there were big smiles plastered across my face the moment I saw mom, dad, goddy, both my grampers and my kakak. They showered me with two bouquet of flowers and an enourmous graduation teddy!


I swear I will build muscles by the time I get home. Carrying this everywhere I went was an uphill struggle as dad wanted agazzilion photos of me with the family, lecturers & friends.

I had to walk everywhere like this
… no thanks to dad!

I was touched, as grampa came all the way for my graduation – being a person which prefers to rest at home 24/7. I hardly express the soft side of me but… I love you gung-gung! Shuddup don’t laugh wtf.

Always loved you and always will.
Your presence at my graduation means so much.

Out of so many photos of me with both my grampers, I chose this one. Why? Because it thoroughly depicts their individual characters which are so fascinating, yet ones which I’m so fond of. Lemme show you what I mean –

Gramma always seem to have something to talk about
Grampa always looks elsewhere when his photo is taken


Both my folks & I
Living under the same roof & tuning in to for 20years of my life
I’m more than ready to face university now, thanks mom & dad!

The Godmother, affectionately known to me as Goddy.
A prominant maternal figure in my life &
one who whips the asswipe outta me.

Fierce at times, but adorably cute when she’s tickled.
Thanks for piling academic pressure on me yet
approving of my constant partying
You never thought I could balance both – and I proved you wrong didn’t I?
If any mom rocks harder than her,
I’d have to pierce my nipples & tattoo my nose
The nanny, of which I call ‘kakak’
She’s been with us since I was a kid of 3.
That makes it 17 years now, can you bloody imagine that?
Definitely part of the family – love her to bits.
The motley crue.
Wished Uncle Mike was here to complete this wacky tribe!

I have an idea, let’s just all say ‘hello’ to Uncle Mike
in a form of a teddy.


All’s well ends well. I’m glad I’ve finally graduated from the school of hard knocks! Well truth be told, college life wasn’t really that bad. It was fun at the same time. I will never forget that carpark Uncle who scratched people’s cars & our Maggi Goreng in that mamak store at the open aired carpark. Damp & oily noodles but still loved by our batch of Communication students.

I honestly wonder why.

Next stopMoving my sweet and sour arse into The University of Melbourne to take on a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (Hons.) majoring in Journalism. Let’s rock Down Under yo. G’dday!

Gahhh my chinese name -__-
Photo Creds : Daniel Ong

we did it!