Food is so important, is it not? It can be capable of many things.. as you shall see *grins*

The same canteen food everyday makes a person bored

Food can exasperate a person if it comes too late

Food can make perverts think of what he did last night

Food makes people the ultimate glutton

Oh yes, don’t forget : Drinks are well after food

It can make a person hyper to steal the greedy person’s food =)

Oh well, it can wreck a person’s day if she’s hungry (yes, you buddy) *winks* and hunger can make a person scavenge for leftover food

Yes, Drea.. however awkward that lunch was, however slow the speed of service was, however spicy the beehoon was or however inefficient the waitress was, however late we were…. it was still at least a breaktime! Imagine going through 6hours of non-stop classes. =/

The portion was insanely huge and extremely spicy. MADNESS! My poor buddy had to endure the long 1-hour wait for this rubbish. It really got her all worked up; it will too if I was in her shoes. =( I now have a bad impression of that place!!

But somehow, someone else seemed to enjoy the leftover food when no one was looking! It was when everyone left, that this peculiar behavior of his, came into action.

Oh well, thats our Alvin Dan for you! =)

Oh yes. Food is the answer to all

Speaking of which, Sushi King is having their member’s only week already!! Woo-hoo! In fact, I think I might just go for some sushi with Dubby after our movie tonight

*cheers* for the lo
ve of food~!!!!