woot woot! Weekends are over and I’m back from Epo. (yes I know it’s Friday today & almost the end of the week so this entry is kinda late but so squat and smell your own fart I’ve been so occupied with my final projects – all 4 of them)

We went back to celebrate dear ol’ gramps (1st from right) burfday!

He’s 77 years young!

and not forgetting, the grand matriach of the family (2nd from left) as well – *umm* I have a nickname for her but I shall not say it because the folks read my blog as well.

So anyway, let’s call her HRH. It’s short for Her Royal Highness.

A rather delightful name, no? =P

Aww.. look at gramps & the lil kid. Such a nostalgic picture.
It’s a pity that I’ve already grown-up… oh well

Mikey & I!

This uncle feckin rocks.


Jokes aside, it was Gramp’s and HRH’s burfday celebration and it was awesome that I got to meet up so many long lost family members. Of those whom are as far-flung as Australia.


Anyway, we celebrated it traditional style with the Chinese Restaurant, red clothed tables, sharkfin’s soup (ooyess) and all of those.



err…. YUM YUM YUM?


He got all the sweet chinese pancakes..

…and I get all your sweet gubbyschnots!

The interval of the meals were waaayyyy tooooo long. So yeah. Aside from laughing at all the silly pictures I stealth-moded of everyone at the table, we had our bursts of laughter here and there toying with the camera


.… wtf is this. LOL

It was shocking that Uncle Danny had an uncanny resemblance to Sweetheart. Or rather, Sweetheart had an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Danny.
Whichever way, you get my point.

To make things even more precise, Uncle Danny resembled Sweetheart’s father even more.

Goodness gracious.
And Aunt Tanya resembled Sweetheart’s Aunt Siew Yin

My my. It WAS freaky.

Dumbfuck waitress. *grumble*

A priceless photograph.

I love you both so very much!


*much wuvv*
And you too! Sososo much! =D

and also……

The next day, I arose at a godforsaken-8am in the bloody morning! FOR WHAT REASONS I agreed to is beyond me.

Dim Sum.


I so wanted to sleep in but Sweetheart and my folks kept annoying the bejeezus outta me and I knew I HAD to wake up no matter what.

f.y.i – I HATE colourful food. It had been an instinct to steer clear away from colourful food since I was young. I despise colourful tongues. Food like Trix, DimSum, ThongYuin, Smarties and the like. It’s annoying. >_<

get my point?


They were eating DimSum as though all DimSum factor

ies were going to shut down tomorrow. Check it out –

and suddenly

I spotted something that made me sit bolt upright on my chair. It was a HUGE surprise and a HEAVYWEIGHT fact to digest.



the WWE heavyweight champion!

(click to enlarge..
um, if it’s not large enough. teeheehee)
and I swear that the whole car tilted lopsided when he entered his car. (ok, that didn’t come from me, granny told us all)

Anyway, david COOK won – so lose that tee please.

Going back to Epo with Sweetheart, Mum & Kakak was fun… but being internet-less for a weekend was sure as hell a torture.

YUM-SENG anyone?

(caught unaware)

Stay tuned for more