At last! Ohmy. Taking budget, closeness, geographical distance and every other circumstance into consideration, a guestlist of 35 has been finalized by the both of us.

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So yeah, buddies invited will be partying on down with us and everyone else. So what more? Free entry, free drinks (5 bottles OMFG) and… free burfday cake smashed to yer faces. Damn. Spare the burfday gurls puh-leeeeze? Hee.

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Oh and don’t worry… if you’re still cracking your head on what to bring/give us, we’ll share some insiders with you. Ev likes cute, pretty girly stuff or anything to do with purple& pink. Jess loves anything that is dark, edgy and everything black or red. But hmmm… if you just wanna have a good time and party with us empty handed, it’s fine by us too animal smileys

dear all invitation bearers ONLY
You can RSVP below now!
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See ya soon loves
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