It was almost midnight. Two guys and a girl went on a road trip to a journey atop a hill. They were armed with nothing but their cameras and what they had on their back.

And they were shot.
By each other.

… with diabolical weapons:
their Nikon shooters of course.
They took a short hike up the dark terrains of that hill.
Little by little, there was a light at the end of the trail; imminent of their destination.

When they finally reached, there was nothing else but big smiles plastered across their faces. Little did they know what the night had in store for them.

Happy happy joy joy

Suddenly, they heard a feeble sound in the far background. It was within earshot, however faint. That audible sonance manifested gradually, stirring and perking every ounce of inquisitiveness in them.

Jessica couldn’t help but to be skeptical.

She reckoned the source of that constant sound is believed to be coming from the bottom of where they stood. It grew louder and amplified beyond all things possible. Measuring at 130 decibels, it was almost deafening.

A ray of light shot up following the ear-piercing sound of calamity. They shielded their eyes in horror and braced themselves for the unseen tragedy that might befall on them.

Prepare for a ride of horror

The incandescence did not do the three of them any good. Almost likened to a werewolf at midnight, Ken began to experience rapid and ghastly changes.

He grew massively to the size of an ogre and went completely ballistic

Zhao was trembling in fear as this giant monster tore the balcony apart. But never fear! Jessica brandished her shooter and emitted blinding flashes directly towards this monstrosity.

She should have known better than to attempt to take down this creature with her bare hands. Unfortunately, the raging monster had reflective elements embedded in him. All those deadly rays were shot back towards Jessica instead.

The tables were turned.

The radioactive rays were too much for a young lass to handle. Mustering all her courage to withstand it, her efforts were proven futile. She succumbed to the unidentified burst of doom.

Affected by those rays, she was electrocuted before them

Ken and Zhao were clueless and wondered what their next step would be in saving their fellow photohunter, Jessica. They pondered for hours whilst Jessica was busy annihilating the rest of planet earth.

Completely with no idea on how to save the world

Jessica took to all the major cities across the globe and with her destructive hands, she reduced them to nothing but debris.

Target : prepare for absolute termination

All that’s left now of the world are only the greeneries blessed by Mother Nature. Admist the pitch darkness, there was only a glimmer of hope left in them to salvage what they could from her destruction.

Still standing tall

Before the whole of mankind vanquished eternally, more photohunters came to their rescue. With their supersonic turbo-fused shooters, they shot away and emerged victorious!

Roaring ahead of the game

Running down huffing and puffing down the track back to their car, distance was their only barricade to safety.

I wish them well, did they survive?

Thank heavens
the trio managed to escape that sinister hill in one piece

It’s a one way route back home!

Real characters and real names were involved . However,
this story is purely an original tale of fiction by Jessica Tan.

Now, rest your head and go to sleep folks
It’s time for bed

Your haunted bedtime story is now over