Fashion Fads.
Could we do without them?
We’ve had great fashion trends coming and going, from the all favorite street style to even extremities like the Visual Kei fashion.

does it stop there?

We’re constantly revolving into a cyber-based world, so must our fashion sense! And yes, that night was spectacular indeed. Another ICT fair perhaps?

psst.. what’s the secret?

It was a night to remember. I reached there early to program my camera so that the settings were perfect to capture this indoor event. Thankfully, there was a live band performing so I wasn’t so bored.

I wasn’t bored also because bestie Rachel had accompanied me all the way to Autocity as well. Thanks babe

Presenting to you, a one of a kind experience I’ve had in terms of fashion trends…


My very first time encoutering such fashion and make-up.
I was in awe half the time… haahaaha

Imagine Star Wars-meets-BattleStar Galactica, where the style and fads can only be described in one word and ONE word only


And much credit goes to Malaysia’s pioneer in CyberFashion, Mr. Hideaki H.
I’ll do the honours of introducing him to you, one of the leading fashion designers in our country :

It was fabulous working and talking to Mr. Hideaki, he’s one heck of a jovial fellow! Together with his two assistants (I couldn’t catch their names) as well, we got along very fast. They have such dramatic humour!

It was an experience for me to watch intently backstage, at how meticulous those CyberMake-Up artists dolled up the models; all in close proximity!

It is different than how make-up is usually caked onto their faces – they use mostly silverish tones of eyeshadow to give it the robotic & modernistic effect

Check out the heavy tonal values on their eyelids

and metallic colours on their lips

Some of their hair were sprayed stiff to look as though they were defying gravity… and silverish blue strands of hair extensions were used on certain models to portray the futuristic image. (you will see them soon enough)

When midnight struck, the show began with a spectacular opening!

Nice figures all in a line

A masquerade to disguise identity?

Mr. Hideaki was busy sprucing the models up before each and every round. Such passion put into his fine works

All the models had many rounds to do, as there were so many designs to parade down the stage. So, it’s no wonder certain models may look particularly flushed and exhausted.

A stunning performance

Special thanks goes to my boss, Miss Priscilla Selan.

She’s a great person to work with, and gosh she was so stressed – hustling & bustling all over the place during the event! But.. in the end, it was all good ey, Pris? =)

Towards the end of the night, tokens of appreciation were then given out to the people that helped make the event a success – a pretty bouquet of flowers!

and finally, to the star of the show…….. *drumroll*

My warmest & greatest extent of congratulations to you, Mr. Hideaki

Have a safe flight back and I hope you like the complete set of photographs I’ve burned for you Cheers!

ahh.. that’s Mr. Hideaki admist his models & Cyber creations

Another great thing was, I got to stand beside the DeeJays at their turntable and consoles!

Truthfully, I’ve never stood beside the DJs while they’re spinning tracks before cos no one is actually allowed. heh =)

Wow Rachel, pretty chun your picture. Capturing me while I’m capturing the DeeJay scratching the vinyl records. Nice one, gurl.

Had a chat with DJ Alvin too, he’s the chief DJ of Mois & Dream

Mr. Hideaki flanked by his entire crew

All in all, i was glad to have played a role in this fashion showcase event and to have contributed my services to the team and it’s crew. For glory like this, it IS a moment to be captured on camera!