I think I’m going nuts.

strangely, I never knew how I looked like in study-mode.
thanks mum!

The final exam week has just begun and I’m beginning to show signs of spasmodically untamed behaviour and much discountenance to the people around me. .

[[ — SYMPTOM #1 — ]]

My frequent trips to Starbucks prior to the exam week has made me fast friends with the baristas alike. They give me one look and yell, “One Green Tea Latte – hot!”

But alas, since it was the Christmas season and whatnot.. I decided to follow the bandwagon. AND ORDERED DARK CHERRY MOCHA FRAP INSTEAD.


*glares at CincauHangus & WetWetWaterKelvin*

It sucks.
Green Tea Latte beats the ice outta Dark Cherry Mocha Frap ANYTIME!!

[[ — SYMPTOM #2 — ]]

My circumference is drastically widening. All because my stomach is getting bigger.
And no, I’m not pregnant. God forbid.

It’s because…..

Mom has made me consume 3000 mL of water everyday, as she always does during any exam season of mine. Her proclivity of such has drived me up the wall!! @_@

What do I look like to you mom, an aquarium??

but hey, i still love her.

and. that’s not the worst part.

[[ — SYMPTOM #3 — ]]

My face has physiologically been distorted to a point of no return.
cos I have to down 6 bottles of BRAND’s Chicken Essence in a week!!! I don’t know about you guys, but the smell, in my opinion is simply distasteful.



Imagine squeezing and extracting the essence outta a cow and then blending it all into a bottle? Ugh. Don’t start. Only that in this case, it’s a chicken.

Yes, shaddap chicken.
But heyho! At least I have my lil tiny bottles of liquor chocolates to counter attack the repelling taste of chicken essence. Hence, the final symptom :

[[ — SYMPTOM #4 — ]]

My alcohol intake has raised by 50%

Thank God for the creation of these miniature bottles
Shots of these works better than coffee f.y.i
I’ve still plenty left in the freezer if you exam-slaves want any!
=P =P

I’d better sign off soon before my arsenal of surveillance cameras come after me for blogging AGAIN and not studying.

*switches off camera buttons on DSX, Joshy, TzeLih, Evelyn, Sharlyn, Parry, Naim, Miloken, Kelvin, Diese, Grog, AhBern and are there anymore surveillance cameras I forgot?*

LOL Toodles!
Best of luck to you too stepson DSX!

ok darn. I’m still here.

omg ignore the unruly hair. exam fever.
P/S – and to all the exam slaves of ANY exam,
come cari me in the middle of the night when you’re
burning the midnight oil for liquor chocs okie?

im out!

(for real)

progress : revisions for tomorrow’s papers
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