First day in college. Not first day, first day.. but still a first day after so long. =
Yeah, 20 days of hols were long & fun-filled as illustrated in all the previous entries.

A pleasant surprise hit me straight in the face when I discovered that my old friend Adrian Ng, is in the new batch of Jan ’08 – hence becoming my junior. My goodness~! Now I get to see him everyday unlike previously, where we only ter-met in clubs. Haha. And another good thing is, my good friend Vincent the Mamak (excuse me for the nickname, it’s an inside joke) is going to enroll as well. Which means to say that Adrian & Vince will be classmates.

And that is very interesting *sniggers*

Radio Production class was awesome as well. We were divided into groups and guess what? By fate, Ragu, Ivan, Rue & I fell to the same group! It was indeed fate, as Mr. Ken mentioned. Oh and he also mentioned “if you dislike working with a certain group member, you have only yourself to blame.” Because, you yourself picked em outta the box of names, of all names.

Lemme see if I have pictures of them.. Imma go dig my photo album. Hang on.


Oh yes I do. Here they are!

Sorry Ragu! I couldn’t find a better picture!
I didn’t wanna put the one of you in two lil pigtails so I guess, this is it.

We’re happy and satisfied with our teamates =)
Can’t wait to dish out the ideas for our radio shows!

Given 6minutes to come up with our group’s station name, there were a few names I can recall from the other groups –,,, and the group of yours truly is now proudly known as
Oh yes, for those DOTA gamers, you know what it means. For the non-DOTA players, look it up!

We are Godlike!

I can’t wait to deejay, with the console and all. =) The last time I deejaye-ed was in USM. And that was quite some time ago.

WOW. I had a good 1st day in college!

Here’s to a brand new semester!

Kakak made Nasi Lemak, gonna go get some now.