Well lookie here, after 365 days of waiting for the 1st of July to come around again – it finally did! *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

and I know you guys waited for this post for 3 days already

I must say that I did truly enjoy this 19th burfday of mine, well I better! Cos it’s already my last year as a teenager. From everybody’s burfday wishes to those five burfday celebrations, I went to sleep with a smile by the end of 1st July.

First up was a surprise burfday party by a group of amazing people that made go “wuhh??” upon seeing so many of them. =D

dang, I got fooled!

A BBQ steamboat is what we had but it took me quite a while to actually register in my mind as to how this whole surprised was planned.

And these three greedy peeps ate like there was no tomorrow!
(especially the one on the left, pervertic glutton)

When everyone was already eating, my thoughts were still dazed in mid-air.
So it was all planned out and I didn’t know??

My first cake of the year~!
(and counting)

With much joy & merry-making

“I wish that the cake goes nowhere else but
ONLY into my mouth”

*wishful thinking* O yes! Nothing is happening =) I think I’m safe?


You see? You see? This woman with the evil stare??
I know fo shure as hell that she wants to harm me with the cake

With the godforsaken ritual THAT NOBODY GETS TIRED OF :

I got face-caked.
And I can bet my bottom dollar that there’s more to come *sigh*
Oh well, all part of the fun no?

Who wouldn’t wanna share the fun?

Nyeheheh.. have some sweetheart!
Sharing IS caring, you know =P
(and your face was too clean – too tempting for me to cake you)

We all then parted ways and some of us headed down to UPR. Where there was a Jungle Fever party held, where I managed to capture a picture with this magnificent python! Such a beauty, dontcha think?

Looks like there’s TWO snakes in the house!
That’s my zodiac and I having a coiled bonding session

Oh and..
Rachel was at LEAST 10feet away from me
I swear.

We then chilled at the new unplugged bar and restaurant – Soi II opposite Mois where I unwrapped my prezzies :

Sim folded me a transparent box of agazzillion tiny stars from coloured paper Gosh that’s so much work & time *hugss*

Bestie Rach, Carter & Vincent all chipped in for this marvelous present
… which made us go :

(good shot Sim, stealth-moding us huh?)

And guess what picture made us LAUGH like a buncha psychopath escapees?
None other than –
‘The MamakVinz picture’

It’s an inside joke but… if you would like to see it.. then.. oh no wait, you shouldn’t.
Vincent would skin me alive.

Hmm… jokes aside, she invested her time to make me
eight photo mobiles!

I absolutely love it.

It’s temporarily hanging in my wardrobe now, waiting to be hung on my bedroom wall

That’s not all..
Bestie Joyce, Gavin & KXin bought me a lovely top from Forever21.
It’s really hawt hawt hawt and I know one must have guts to wear that out


Must’ve costed them a bomb but I love it~!

[no pictures of me in it. too dangerous]
*sticks out tongue*

Many thanks, hugs & kisses to these awesome bosom buddies who were the masterminds of my burfday surprise:

I *heart* you both soso much~! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And of course, my other half too ♥ ♥ ♥

But what is a burfday without the fun-loving people?

a superultramegagigatera Thank You
to you guys fer making it happen~!


The next celebration was on a much larger scale – held at a hotel ballroom.

Aunt Jeannie (mum’s colleague)
Still lookin hawt after all these years!

With a grand opening of food entrance

Grand occasion no? Only that it wasn’t mine. =D
It was a wedding dinner that I dropped by just to accompany mum

Now, back to my burfday..

Held @ Mois, Number One Penang Road.
Where the party never stops!

Danced like there was no tomorrow

My old schoolmates from HighSchool were there too!

So were our juniors!

The mad bunch =D

Daniel dear…. YOU CAME~!!!!

(Jack in the background obviously jealous for not having his picture taken. He himself admitted it on Facebook!)
Check it out – here

We’ve only got 4 MINUTES to SAVE THE WORLD~

Bestie Rach & I

There was some double effect going on as well

Me in between the TWO Adrian Ngs

us, the TWO JESSICAs

As the normal burfday tradition goes,
the burfday gurl MUST be made drunk,
likewise to ‘the burfday gurl MUST have their face in the cake’.

So anyhow, I MADE PRETTY DAMN SURE that I wasn’t made drunk by the end of the night. Hey, I WANT to remember my burfday well.. not waking up from a hangover.

And as promised, by the end of the night-

Now, that wasn’t as hard as I thought *grins*

and the proceeding countdown burfday celebration by the beach –

10… 9…

My Apple Crumble burfday cake!
(pretty, no?)


But even prettier, my burfday present :

A whole bottle of Chivas Regal! *wootwoot*

from Adrian snappy crocodile Ng!
Haha, don’t bother.. it’s some stupid inside joke.
Thanks lots Croc~!

3…2… 1 …
*clock strikes twelve midnight*

I’m nineteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~!!!!!

After all the partyin with my buddies, it’s time to have some warm & special time with Sweetheart – we spent the whole of my special 1st July together just like he does every year =D

And took me out for Haagen Daaz, one of my faves~!

Hmm.. what’s that you’re ordering?
Looks good!

Do me the honours of pouring the hot chocolate fondue?

Why, thank you sweetheart =*

It was aptly named :

Brownie Explosion – decadent warm chocolate brownies served with scoops of Tiramisu and Cookies & Creme signature ice-cream draped in indulgent hot chocolate fondue

*hugs & kisses* to you love~!

That special someone then went bought me my burfday present that I’ve been longing for quite some time now

Hmm.. what’s that pretty box by my lappy?

It’s the limited edition tiny ENVO from PenDrive!
Love it soso much Hun, I love everything tribal.
And my current pendrive is so worn out as though mice had
chewed on it for 40days and 40nights

And then off to dinner with mum.. at TGI Fridays!

Benjica collision with the wacky crew at Fridays

Yet another burfday cake?

That’s my forth one this year!
Damn all these shugga hun!

God.. and when I thought I was full to the brim from
all the cakes and yummylicious food

I was surprised to this when I got home. More cakes?? (oh no)

But do I see ang-pows by the cheesecakes?
Kakak was sweet enough to give me an ang-pow too


The last celebration of my 19th Burfday closed with a bang!

At the comfort of home.. thank goodness. =P

And last but never the least, the people who made my day virtually by the means of technology :

My fellow online social addicts –

(click to enlarge)

and of course, my online family –
(click to enlarge)


SMS & Calls
I can’t possibly put them all here but whoever who called and texted me, you know who you are. It was very thoughtful guys =D

But ONE SMS in particular , came one day late!
Hmm… sent only on the 2nd of July but it caught my eye :

Birthday marks the passing of time on a personal level,
Another year passes by,
Another stage u go through,
Another set of candles u blew.
But ur still u.

Benjica still reigns supreme
And ur still taller than me,

Eventho ur older by a year,

Or even taller than an inch,
Some things never change.

Happy Belated Bday Jess
Sorry for being a day late

By my buddy Vincent Tan. *hugs*

In a 19 year old nutshell,


-signin out
[[the 19 year old ]]

Another round of celebrations next year around?