Speaking of being in the burfday season, I recently attended a bufday bash of a good fren of mine. But first, what’s a party without FOOD?

nyahaha. XD

So yeah, CHECK OUT the recent FoodEx : Penang Chef Challenge that was held at PISA. It was pretty cool that it had contestants from different parts of the world so it sorta brings the competition into a more international scale. Kudos!

A German chef picking out his ingredients

And these were what all of the local and international contestants were competing for – tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

These symbolic trophies, medals and certificates

Basically, it was more of a ‘Black Box’ competition.
Whereby none of the contestants are to know what
their MAIN INGREDIENTS were supposed to be.

They could just throw u anything, be it something more
tedious like lamb, duck to common things like fish or chicken.

So.. *dumroll* here comes….

(which is red)

I’m sure it is a known fact that KDU College Penang Campus had carved itself a name in professional culinary training – or known better as their Diploma in Professional Chef Training. They sponsored a few teams to compete in the mentioned competition.

So let’s take a look =)

One team in particular that I was rooting for
all the way was this team of four

In the middle is Chef Darren Tan, who conducted and oversaw all the training sessions that they had. Under his guidance, these budding chef students have certainly learned a thing or two

^_^ always there Hun
I was there early to support their team… gimme a reason why I shouldn’t?
Haha. Oh yeah, t’was because I skipped class.
You didn’t just read that.

Bestie Rach & mum joined me too on the 2nd day

We fooled around before the competition began to somewhat ease stress

And Gavin ENTERTAINED us with his “magic tricks “
(of which he furiously learnt through YouTube)

Hmm.. I guess with too much practise and exposure to these extraordinary tricks, the magic sorta backfired and in turn, made his facial features resemble those of an ape’s

This is a very original and RAW photograph of Sweetheart & Gavin
I wonder.
See the difference between:
a normal human being and a very unusual Neanderthal

Hmm… the REAL reason why Maroon 5 entitled their song:
‘Makes Me Wonder’

Pal Jack was one of the committee helpers

Met classmate Maya too!
She was there to support our friend Mia

And yay… I treasure THIS PICTURE BELOW

Myself with :
the good-looking Chef Darren Tan
and the impressive chef-cum-entrepreneur Audee Cheah

It’s an honour to have met ya’ll.

Though I’ve only been once to his self-owned fine-dining restaurant – Audees, for Sweetheart & I’s 2nd year anniversary back in 2006. But still, we were impressed by it. Go dine in there sometime, peeps! It’s worth your money =D

LOL you guys ready?
and 3..2..1… *WHISTLE BLOWS* and their off!


See that extra tall person?
Hmm.. there’s some hanky-panky between Gavin and him

They were so serious, I almost though they were competing in a Mensa test

Very well coordinated
Front to back – Sweetheart, Gavin, Mandy

Sweetheart, serious sial when he was plating the food.
Presentation carries lotsa points too.. hmm

And… suddenly,
WTF is this

Like, HULLO??
You ain’t transparent, Mister oddly-shaped head.

Why, thank you very much for not obstructing my view anymore.
Picture-taking continues =D

Hmm… 60minutes into the time,
they don’t look as stressed as they did in the beginning

You look better when you smile, Sweetheart

So do you, Gav!

Another part that makes practically all of the arena go ‘wheeeeeeeee’ is of course, the free food being offered at almost every stall you see!
Hmm.. their means of promoting their products.

Made from REAL dragon fruits!

Spicy chicken floss

Other free drinks!

It’s actually a good way, for bestie Rach, sista Rach and
myself actually bought them after the FIRST taste.
Kinda compulsive, but what to do?
It IS so tasty ya’ cant resist – especially at lunchtime

There they are, made right in fronta you

And freshly out from the oven!
Tasty goodness!

What’s warm, nice… and…
Um. okay. that sounded wrong, but.. oh well, you get my point.

At the display area, is where we had to throng through crowds and crowds of equally-enthusiastic people and supporters

I managed to capture a few of my faves though –

Some of the main courses

Some appetizers

And some soups

Don’t ask me why I didn’t take pictures of the desserts. I’m sure a few of you there with me will know why. Gahahaaha.
They are really nicely done but.. hmm. There were other reasons.


Pressure again, climaxes intensely. With this panel of judges tasting, trying, testing and finally awarding points for its taste, colour, presentation, quality and other criteria.

A fraction from the panel of judges

And specially flown in from overseas..

Speaking of which, I have my dinner waiting on the table for me to gobble.