Who would’ve expected to see Amy Lee down in Malaysia? Following the post – [here], she was here holidaying without her band! Hmm.. partying with her fellow celebs, I suppose.

Apparently, Amy Lee was reportedly seen together with Ashlee Simpson as they were getting ready for the music bash. Rawr!

So off they headed down to Maison @Heritage Row for a red carpet night with their pals. We’re sure to rock the night away!

At the entrance,
Amy Lee met her buddy Saloma, a Malaysian diva & songbird

And 2a.m cintan mee buddy John Lennon too

Just before Amy Lee and Ashlee Simpson entered the premises of the music bash, they met Katy Perry for a lil chat and of course, a camwhore session.

Simpson, Perry & Lee

Amy Lee did not just meet her celeb pals – she met someone familiar during her college days too! Andrea Tee!

woots! Mass Commers rock don’t they

Oh look OMFGSince when was Billie Joe Armstrong (Greenday) dating Amy Lee? Now, that’s something Ryan Seacrest didn’t know, huh?

When Greenday meets Evanescence
Expecting a collabo between the two bands?
We’ll see!

There were lotsa fun games ongoing to win prizes, including imitating Beyonce’s Single Ladies’ music video!

Check out the guys doing it! Amazingly hilarious. These guys are such sporting peeps :

And somehow or rather, the celebs “forced” the emcee to do the same too. Well.. he had no choice, had he? After all, it’s OUR night.

Amy Lee then sat down for some chit-chatting with the girls from indie band – Hollograms. Hmmm.. they remind me of the peeps that brought us ‘Barbie Girl’. Aqua, was it?

Amy in between two pretty funky babes

And a funky man – Nigel!

It was pretty amazing that she gets to meet all the celebs of many genres, of which she might not have mingled with in the past.

Check out the KISS clown on the right!

As outrageous as some guests had dress as, many other guests did not follow the theme as well. So here they are, going as celebrities of their own – their own self!

The ladies at the same table

It’s dinner time!
Chilling out on stage with Clariss and Zoey

Met Sue dearie too!
Damn, I love her voice. So soothing

Amy Lee then continued dancing the night away with her bosom buddies.

Partygoers at heart

Would someone scream what dance floors are for again?

SCREAMMMM at the top of your lungs!
And I see someone’s middle finger ruining the picture
(screw you)
=P chup, I know exactly who it is

Anyway, where partying is concerned, scandalous things might happen. Though not all heterosexually, there are some pretty interesting scandals as well.

For crying out loud
bespectacled Joe Jonas and Billie Joe?
You GOTTA be kidding me

HAHA CRAP. Stuff and nonsense lar these dudes. We love fooling around silly. They are two out of my list of fave people on earth

you can’t see the camera,

Hmmm.. strangely, I don’t remember Jason Mraz bearing a signboard of ‘free hugs’. No seriously, I don’t. Do you? Perhaps he’s an avid supporter of the Free Hugs campaign?

… or maybe it’s a scam to trick innocent children!
(certainly not I, of course)

KY was dressed pretty funkily too
Idk if he did it on purpose, or thats how he usually dresses
but it sure looked fine! 🙂

Eminem with Amy Lee
Yes, now I don’t owe you a picture anymore!

One of Amy Lee’s fave singers as a teenager was Avril Lavigne. Loved her punky and rebellious image back then. The skater gurl season was such love!

Lavigne and Lee
(grabbed the piccie from her)

So on grew the night, together with the food and more fun & games! Buffet style for the celebs with ravenous appetites, hmm. Very much applied to someone. Heh heh. Anyhow, there were more prizes up for grabs and guess who won them?

J.Lo and Bryan who won the singing competition of
holding the last note the longest

Oooooyeah! So happy happy joy joy for everyone and Amy Lee was spotted again with her celeb pals plus a rooster-look-alike celeb. Hmm… pretty fly, no? Cock-a-doodle-dooooo!

Fuahh. Wear batik some more this celeb.

Amy Lee got her chance to party with Bob Marley too. Cowabunga! He’s sucha legend in his own genre – I love! No woman, no cry no more with him around!

Cheers to the winner of the best dressed celeb! Bob Marley!

Just before Amy Lee left with Billie Joe and Ashlee Simpson, she grabbed a last picture with fellow celebs Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga.

Now, it’s time for supper peeps!
Wake up and get back to the real world yaw.
No more red carpet anymore, celebs, it’s off to the mamak!

but hey.
Did I mention that I enjoyed myself thoroughly?
After all, it isn’t everyday you and your friends get to be a celebrity, no?
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