From a long long time ago up till this point, it seems like eons when I had my 1st real hiking experience. I never once looked back from there!

From my 1st hiking trip in January, of which I was huffing and puffing throughout and was still panting like a dehydrated dog even when I reached the summit, I kept hiking at least once a week until today and it seemed more of an enjoyable past time now rather than a dreaded exhaustion.

HEY DOLPH ANGELINE! check this out!

You see how dangerous I can be?
(inside joke)

So here I am with my fellow shouters, hiking up the strenuous hill up to the Kerachut beach.

The time was 7a.m and we were all supposed to reach the meeting point by then.. but no one was in sight. I WAS THE FIRST & THE EARLIEST!! *wheeee*

So yeah, here I was alongside the boss Lasker & Elise.

And what did I get for being so early?
A wet & muddy set of carkeys. Yes, unfortunately my carkeys fell into the drain full of moss & grime. Ugh.

Mom once said,”Jess, I thought you hated mornings”
I replied with a grin,”I’m never a morning person except for hiking & travelling”

After registeration, we hit hit the road!


We began our hike and yes, certain stretches of the mountain was kababoomboom-ishly exhausting whereas certain stretches were a breeze to hike through.

Underneath this lil cliff for example, was no sweat!

But this part was friggin steep, until a point were SaeWei slipped and fell! It’s pretty dangerous, so hold on tight!

And we obviously stopped to take some pictures!

Especially SaeWei & I
the camwhores.

UNfortunately, certain people weren’t exactly taking proper photographs – looking up Jane’s skirt when Tarzan wasn’t around, huh? How dare you! =P

As we continued our long journey, we reached a gigantic fallen tree. It was diagonally on the ground already and thank goodness it didn’t obstruct the path. However, being me… I decided to climb over it for the fun of it instead. XP

And I *wobble* safely reached *wobble* the top and *wobble* posed for *wobble* the camera! my my, that was scary XD

I know it doesn’t look high in the picture.
Oh well, pictures never do things justice.

The nearby lake
So serene, no?

We hiked and hiked alongside the music playing from my walkman cellphone and took a few breaks along the way. We stopped for:

1. Water
2. Pictures
3. A rest
4. To chit-chat
5. And have I mentioned, pictures?


I know… I know Mac, we’re almost reaching

We continued head-on, brimming with adrenalin to finish what’s left of our journey. Triumphing the humongous rocks and boulders

Right at the top! Told ya we’d reach soon, right Mac?

We know you’re really tired and need some extra energy but, the monkeys won’t be the least bit interested in you, ya know =P

The picturesque scenery from atop the rocky mountain does really intrigue me. How the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks soothes your senses is beyond scientific explanation.

Mother Nature at its finest!

Careful, you two.

I just had had had to grab a picture of the scenic pleasure

Sue me.

Stopping by to rest & relax while enjoying the natural sounds of the sea & adjacent forest did do us good. We had our brunch there as well!

SaeWei & I by the huge boulder embedded on the beach. Yes, we finally left the rocky terrains and adjourned to the nearby beach.

So did Lasker.
He had his nostalgic moments playing with his ‘children’ which strangely resembles him from top to toe. They even wore the same outfit and the same glasses! How very concidental, no? *winks*

Moral of the day: Do not neglect your children for another child

After all the fun & photography, our energy levels did drop and there I was, catching my forty winks at the resthouse

goodness me SaeWei, can’t believe you took a picture of me when I was taking a rest

In the near distance, the rest of them went to watch the turtles. I was too tired to watch any god-forsaken amphibian scuttling inside the huge basin so I began to people-watch

And that was when….

I captured this HAIR-RAISING photograph

pun intended

We played some card games sans money and chips when we gathered together by the resthouse. (truth is, it wasn’t a resthouse. We just barged in and made it our resthouse)

Mac showed us some card tricks that made me go beserk. I think my brain power tripped


That’s a wrap!