Why would you even want to push and shove with the massive crowd in PWTC during the MATTA Fair? To be honest, I ain't a fan of thronging amongst sweaty and kiasu people in a crowded area.


Which is why I've chosen to go to Mayflower's forte at The Mall's concourse last Saturday!


Ta-da! They had the ENTIRE place to themselves!

Pretty smart, if you ask me 😀



You know how the old skool method of putting footprint stickers on the pavement to guide you to a specific place doesn't exactly get noticed by the public eye? Okay.. so guess what they did?


No they didn't put signboard or arrows because that would be toooooo boring zzzzz



HAHHAH Sandwich mans walking all around the nearby streets

including the LRT skytrain stations!


Do not mistake him as a girl! Or so it says from behind 😛 😛




So what was there?

Lotsa people, as expected. Who would wanna miss out their chance of grabbing Mayflower's best holiday packages and deals which I've blogged about previously? I'm glad lotsa you emailed me to ask about the exact location and when would be the best time to be there and so on.


I know their whole arena was huge but..

hope you managed to book a holiday with them! 😀



Be it a nature expedition somewhere in the hidden depths of the jungle



Or better – to a different country if you're more adventurous!




What I really liked about the day was that it was blazing red! ahh yes. If you loves have been following this blog long enough, it's plain to see that red is most certainly my favorite color. Heck, friends who have came over to my crib always tell me "Gosh Jess, your room is all red!"


Unfortunately, my room can never be as red as this!

Even the floors, clothes, walls and pillars were red


Look at all the Mayflower people above. All hustling and bustling about during the whole 3 day period of the MATTA Fair and the extra day of a special pre-sale for Maybank card holders. But most importantly the public gets to book all their travel destinations, accomodation & tours in time for the holiday season!


Yes yes uncle, I know you veli happy




But you'll be happier if you win something from the spinning wheel! This totally reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune – or the Malaysian version, 'Roda Impian' haha. Luck is of utmost importance here 😀


Hope you guys actually manage to get your hands on something nifty!


But if Lady Luck is on your side, you'll get yourself a new smexy car from the lucky draws – the Grand Livina! This is really cool 😀 Imagine if i were to just dip my fingers into the bowl and out I pull the draw of that spanking new ride. I'd prolly take it out of the country for a roadtrip!


I would be more than thrilled!

So to the person out there who won it – CONGRATS!

*cries of bitter jealousy in the corner*



Oh and speaking of holidays outta the country, COUGH. This was taken when I was in the North Pole visiting Santa Claus and his elves 😛 😛


To those of you who think you know where this place actually is… try guessing! 😛


Decisions ~ Decisions~ Which is more worth your money? Will my kids get airsick? Do we have to prepare winter clothes for this? Where's the best place for massages? How much is the package to Hong Kong Disneyland? Decisions~ Decisions~



Lotsa other stuff were happening on the fair grounds as well besides all the busy people choosing their holidays and more busy people attending to them. Customers were treated to various performances too! Woots! Bet you didn't see that in PWTC ey? 🙂


Prosperity drums goes ka-booom-boom


So does the Thai traditional dances too

SAVADEEKAAAA? 😀 😀 *clasps hands together*


So if you missed it, (yeah I know some of you told me you did) don't worry! There's always the next MATTA Fair to plan your holiday getaways. But due to overwhelming response of the crowd, Mayflower extended their promotions till the 20th of March. Lucky us!


I'll be back next year! 😀

I bet my family will bug me to ask when's the next one!

*credits to Nigel for the piccies!


Speaking of holidays, I miss the random holidays my friends and I always used to have back at my hometown. We would just steal a weekend, pick a spot to have our own picnics and mini holidays!


How old dya think I was in this piccie? We should definitely have a reunion – it's been ages!

 I'd go to www.mayflower.com.my to pick our holiday anytime 😀