So it was the day where Tweeples from all over KL come together to tweet, meet and give over hot cuppa Starbucks coffee! There was a heavy downpour but that wouldn't stop us all from making Twestival KL come to life now, would we? 😀



Cocurrently, Twestival SG was having their celebrations too. Watch the power of social media users come together!


Anyhoozers, the traffic jams were merciless along Sprint Highway towards Starbucks, Tropicana City Mall.. and the rain? It didn't help either 🙁 Most of us were stuck in the gridlock for an hour! Drats. But what kept me from complaining in the car was a wee bit of narcissism!


I tweetphoto-ed this piccie and the other Tweeples saw it. Gosh!

 My moment of self-indulgence was broadcasted live in Starbucks cos I tagged it #twestivalKL



Which brings you to know that throughout the entire event, all the Tweets which was published with that hashtag was displayed live on the big screen. Haha upon reaching, @andygts made fun of me and deliberately asked me how the traffic jam was! Not funny! 🙁


With @andygts & @redsheep at the registration counter!



Lotsa Tweeples were already there! 😀 Early birds ey.. I bet you didn't get tangled up in the rainy traffic jam honking your frustrations away 🙁 🙁



Bumped into lotsa familiar faces, hugged, chitchatted and grabbed some nom-noms to munch on! We were served lotsa finger food – Blueberry Muffins, Raisined Muffins, Fruitcakes, assorted Sandwiches, pots and pots of black Starbucks coffee and the very sinful… SUGARY DONUTS!



My my they were lovely

But I had to put it down after 3 bites! 😀 😀 *self-discipline*

Cheers to cups and cups of pure black coffee – sans the milk and sugar. You should've seen the look on our faces. Hey – it's a natural reaction! Only the hardcore coffee lovers would find love in that face-contorting drink 😛 😛


Coffee with @nicholaschay & @smashpop

Okayyy the coffee bit was over so we're smiling 😛



After a short while of mingling, it was time for the auctions to begin! TwestivalKL has chosen auction-and-bids this time round, to raise funds for charity. Let the proceeds go to the needy while we dabble in some charitable fun 😀


MCs @willsquah & @radiojules


Among the stuff that were put on auction were really cool Starbucks waterbottles, other special stuff like menial tasks and odd jobs, free domain + hosting, pole dancing classes and … COUGH 'prasan' stuff too. Yes, like auctioning dinner with you, dates for a flying kite session, a walk in the park and seriously, I can't remember each and everyone of it but it sure made me laugh!


@joycethefairy auctioned 2 hours of her time for dinner, shopping or

anything that "doesn't involve me and you in a hotel room" 😀



I bid for pole dancing classes with a friend @aprilyim for RM110! Can anyone top that? Okay, RM120 from the other side of the room! And it goes on and on…. all for the sake of love & charity yo 😀 Don't be a scrooge!


I pole danced with her once before and omggwthbbqqqq

My arms and abs hurt the entire next day!! O__O



As the entire Starbucks were filled with so much laughter and chattering by so many Tweeples, crowds began to form outside and within its vicinity. I bet social media illiterates will probably go like… TWEETERRR??? WHADD IZ TAT? My dears, it's a revolution – a Socialnomic! 😀


Pretty interesting ey! 😀




Tweet. Meet. Give. Now that I've covered the giving part, let's get down to business shall we? 🙂 🙂 The tweet and meet part! Woo hoo! I camwhored with most of my buddies and other familiar faces. If I've missed anyone out – sorry! I guess we didn't meet or didn't happen to take a photo together!


with buddies @bboyrice @serpentinegal @cincauhangus @sjwong


just noticed that @smashpop and I have the same mouth expression here LOL


and so much more! With @davidlian @wernshen @ramesstudios @smashpop @simonso @superwilson78


with long-time friend @malaysiaasia !

Had to take this piccie five thousand times before he was finally satisfied with it!

men. tsk tsk tsk 😛 😛



buddy @erinwong who arrived late – but still made it!

<3 her freshly dyed hair. Which reminds me.. I'm SO not used to my black hair.

I WANT BACK MY RED! *angers*



Haha @wernshen and his friends were playing some Magic trading card game 🙂

I told him that the closest I've ever been to these things were with Pokemon trading cards 10 years ago!


Camwhoring AGAIN with @serpentinegal & @cincauhangus 😀


Funny that @mikecampton & I didn't quite recognize each other today!

He said my hairstyle was different and I said his hairstyle was different LOL

Which were both TRUE.



Soon after, a cacophony of thumping bass and other percussion musical instruments – of which some made out of everyday tools – were being played! Totally reminds me of a STOMP performance or a DrumcorpKL performance. 😀 😀


the players swiftly hitting their instruments!



They kept the crowd fixated at their deft movements and musically inclined tempo 😀 Heck, I even noticed some kids that were part of the band too! Cool. It's always great to start young. Child prodigies yo!


See the lil girl?

😀 Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww



I had a relatively fun night, of good company and sugary-sweet food. Hope we Tweeples managed to raise a good portion of money for the needy! Oh and the night wouldn't be made possible without the sponsors too – Starbucks, ChurpChurp and DeRomp  !


Thanks fer making this day run smoothly!



Oh and for those of you who didn't catch me or we didn't manage to say Hi, because well probably you didn't see my Twitter handle/nickname on my chest… because I didn't put it there!


See you on Twitter fellas!


with love, @benjicajess

(will be changing my Twitter nickname to match my blog name soon)


Oh, and while we're on the subject, do check out my previous blogpost cover on last year's TwestivalKL held at Mist Club, Bangsar! That one was held in a much, much larger scale. 😀 😀