being naturally a Chinese all my life, I had no idea or clue whatsoever to associate with the word ‘tempoyak’

Alright, what’s that?

Whilst at my bestie Nadia’s house for lunch, there was this rather icky and gooey thing on my immediate right. (Sorry Nads, but that was my first impression! =P) Her mom told me it was fermented durians!! Ohh sweet holy mother earth, of all things to ferment? Durians? It’s like the absolute opposite of trying to make cookies yummier! *grin* But hey, after much inquisitivity, I took a INNY WINNY LIL BIT.

And hey,


First, you get the insides away from the skin
Then, you salt it and leave it to ferment
Mash it up, and there you have it

tempoyak tempoyak tempoyak . Originated from Southern Malaysia, that’s like miles from where I live. No wonder I wasn’t aware of its existance

Anyway, I felt like binging. Again. Like, oh nno! *groans* And that, my friend, was when Nad’s mom brought out the sin of my day – Oreo Cheesecakes!!! *drools* She made it – yeah, I’m proud to announce that for you, auntie! =) It was hallelujah! I ain’t describing how it tasted, because doing so would obviously make me sound like a starving glutton with a ravenous appetite. =P AND that would be a public embarrassment, hence, I see no reason to abase myself; especially not on the vast World Wide Web. Thank you for respecting my privacy. *giggles*

Jokes aside, I can’t wait to go watch the premier of Harry Potter tonight with Nads, Sarah, and my boo! Watch out geeky wizard, here I come!! Wheeee!!!