Like, hell yeah!

I’ve always known that we ain’t supposed to park at the yellow lines. I adhered to that.
But giving me a friggin’ parking sumon when I didn’t committed the above offence?? Oh, wow.

The thing is, I wasn’t obscuring traffic and neither was I on the yellow line. So, what gives? It was at Gurney and many other vehicles were parked along that road. My very first summon. Not long after that, I received my very second summon; an hour later! It was when I parked at Bellissa Row. Same reason. Hey! Before you think that my brains weren’t aligned right for repeating the same mistake twice, truth is, I did NOT see the summon wedged between my left windscreen wiper. (Porky was obstructing my view! =P) Anyhow, when I read both, I was pissed. Like, totally! If I wereever richer, I would take this to court! LOL. Just kidding, ain’t spoilt brat to go to such extend.

Sigh* Looks like I’ll have to settle the payment for good. Don’t want any malicious records on my oh-so-high profile! hahaha


I can maybe pull some strings and get away with it. =P Daddy-eo, where are you?