Just returned from the premier of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Bahh. As usual, the more and more sequels created, the more and more bland it becomes. I ain’t saying that it sucks – it absolutely did not. It’s just not up to how I expected it to be, the previous one was ssssssso much better. Same goes for Pirates of the Carribean 3.

What I should really lament is this, a horrid and most downright uncomfortable movie watching experience. Despite the fact that my *ahem* lanky legs weren’t having enough room for them to even avoid kicking the poor person sitting in front of me, the dude behind me was simply despicable.

That’s an understatement.

God save the cinema from the lights of him! At least, save me!!!!!

Every few seconds, the sole of his shoes would scrape the back of my seat. I could feel his repetitive strokes behind me! Gawsh. Plus, he would deliberately make nonsensical comments ever so loudly about every part of the movie. Making awful expressions helped complete his unethical self. Worst would be “Fuilamak!” when Delores gave Potter a tight slap. Holy crap, I SWEAR I would place my hand on his face exactly the way Delores’ hands were to Potter.

And, he kept repeating almost everything said by the characters, owh, now he wrotes the script I guess?? What, I didn’t know he was the scriptwriter or had any shit to do with it. 

The part that made me cringe didn’t have anything to do with the movie, but it COMPLETELY had something to do with him. He burped and belched on intervals!!! Gross. Thank Heavens he didn’t sneeze phelgm all over my hair. 

As it goes on, so did his unorthodox mannerisms. His cellphone rang, and hello? Where’s the DiGi yellow man when you need him? Tai kor now huh?

Anyway, thanks for making my movie experience a nightmare. Speaking of which, I hope you get them tonight… and this time, it’ll be my turn!!! *roar*