One of the things that you'll never expect yourself to be dragged into.

To attempt artwork to earn yourself a free pizza dinner.


No, if you're wondering… I didn't paint that.


I once saw this picture of a 'le chat noir' (French translation: black cat) during one of my Christmas dinners with thefockers at a cosy European restaurant. It symbolizes a 19th century cabaret, or entertainment house in one of the districts in Paris.

Apparently, the image somewhat stuck in my head without me realizing it.. as you shall see.


The first thing that came to mind to sketch


The student union body decided to hold an art + dinner session one Tuesday evening.

We were given free canvases and acrylic paints to doodle to our hearts content and mingle over pizza.


The finished product


Not exactly a replica of Le Chat Noir but still, it was inspired by the former in an odd way.

When my mates asked me,"Why this picture?" I didn't even know what to respond with until I got back home and tried Googling cat images from France. Only THEN I realized where I adapted it from.

If anything else fails, it could also remind you of the Australian aboriginal flag.


Either way, it looks relatively, modestly fine… ya think? 😛 Most importantly, my humble artwork doesn't look too pre-school.

It is proudly hanging on my wall now *biggrin* The pizza was delicious too – which was, no doubt, the main reason why we attended this art session anyway 😛