As we approach the exams, this party constitutes our last theme-party we'll rock up at.

So let's make it count as the best! As Pitbull once said :


"Give me everything tonight…

For all we know, we might not get tomorrow..



A combination of Good & Evil!


The theme for the final party was Good vs. Evil.

As you can probably tell by now, I've spent quite a lot for my other outfits for the last 6 parties so I didn't feel like going all out this time round. Here's a re-cap for each blogposts : Beach Party, Back to School Party, Fluro Party, Jungle Party, Fancy Dress Party & Toga Party


Obviously, I chose EVIL. If you know me well enough by now, that's my prerogative.

Ever since I was a child, I've always favoured the villains of any cartoon, TV show or movie



So… who am I supposed to be this time?


Although I didn't go into full cosplay tonight, my character was inspired by Black Cat of Spiderman


Should there be a next themeparty I go to, you can be almost certain that a full blown Black Cat will be there to terrorize you

Anyway, photos from the party!


Ninja-Samurai X Zorro the Masked Rider X Black Cat X Masquerade character


I watched as they played the insane, puke-inducing, deathly King's Cup again πŸ˜›


Finally ended up joining the game when everyone agreed that I will not get the King's Cup AGAIN.

Gosh, my luck in this game has been really bad all this while!


This game = serial extreme dares and many more!


Finally, Abraham was the one who ended up with the King's Cup yay! I won't handle another King's Cup anymore LOL

He had to down that massive mug – skull it all! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


After the game ended, camwhore piccies with my semi-drunken Good & Evil mates!




Me with Olivia – for the first time attending the parties with us!


She doesn't need to go dressed as any character; all she needs is to go as HERSELF and that embodies 'good' already.


Evil vs. Good : Black Cat X Fairy


Two Evil villains : Black Cat X Hannibal Lecter πŸ™‚


Another two villains! The Joker of Batman X Black Cat of Spiderman


Zorro the Masked Rider X Black Cat X Good Girl πŸ˜›


with Mossy the Ninja/Samurai! Are Ninjas supposed to be Good or Evil?

I guess it depends on who they assassinate then πŸ˜›


Pre-drinking party is over! My gurls and I all ready to pump up the partay πŸ˜€


Ohhhh but first!

A quick camwhore shot before I adjourn


After taking this picture, I noticed something was still missing

So I ran back home to wear a glossy cat-collar and clawed my fingers with black masking tape


Chilling by the couches at the party!



OMG! Bumped into Laura dressed as the Tooth Fairy!

Hannibal Lecter drinking Southern Comfort behind us πŸ˜€


Actually, I didn't know she went as a tooth fairy, I thought she was just a regular fairy.

UNTIL. I saw her carrying a toothbrush!!!! Did you see the toothbrush wedged near her boobs? Bingo


With Laura & Kayla. Partied till the skies came down!


Party rockers in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time

And we gonna make you lose your mind!


Oh, my expression is a total CMI case. Hence the big X there on my face LOLOL


Abraham looks really spaced out in this photo

Could be thanks to the King's Cup he downed earlier!


Don't know who these people are, but they look pretty damn awesome!

I reckon they're both Evil too.


Oh, and.. you know what I really hate? When someone else dresses up as the same character as I do – especially in a competition.

That's where you're being compared. Bleh. Like, FFFFFUUUUUUUUU *headdesk*


I've had this nasty experience once, blogged about it in a nasty way and caused a huge uproar if you remember πŸ˜›

Because I can *smug*


So, say hello to the TWO Jokers in the house!

They were like, why did you go as The Joker too? I'm gonna murder you scum LOL


But yeah, didn't really mind when I spotted Sarah as a cat too.

There can be plenty of  cats in the house – as long as its not the EXACT same cat! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Meow! They say black cats bring bad luck, but I say we set the party on fire!


Random, candid photo. I think this was taken when I was dancing

Britt as the devil is behind me – probably dancing too




Oh and check out the video! Just a snippet of the dares & how we roll at parties!

You can spot me the Black Cat somewhere in the middle dancing after the 2nd half of the video


The cast of Good vs. Evil taken on the dance floor.


We're running tο thΡ–Ρ• .. lΡ–kΠ΅ .. we gοt thΠ°t devilish flow
Rock Π°nd roll
WΠ΅ party rock!


My lovely bunch of mates who make my world go round

Love yall heaps!


The night ended with a blast. Who needs any more fun when you've got your buddies with you?

It's the company that matters most… THEN the music & drinks.


A great party as our last themeparty indeed! Can't believe I'm leaving so soon – in a month's time πŸ™

Bring it on for my final party with the bunch – My birthday X farewell party before I fly off! Can't wait.