Ever thought you'll be sick of partying after attending a back-to-back rave?

Nope, not in a million years. I live and breathe electronic music and raving with the community of like-minded music revellers around me is my euphoria.


Guess where I am this time?


It was the We Love Asia rave party held in Sepang International Circuit last Sunday! 

After the Swedish House Mafia : One Last Tour was over and done with (blog post – here!) I recharged for a day and accelerated with full force the very next day.


Decked in neon yellow for the party!


My partycrew and I sped down to the F1 race circuit at 8PM 


Arrived! We're all set and ready to rumble 

(I honestly don't know how Amelia & Victoria can rave in high heels wow!)


The first whom we watched was electro-house DJ Joachim Garraud who hails from France.


Joachim Garraud brought his space invaders to terrorize the rave!


I've to be honest, I've never heard his music nor watched him ever before.

But when he performed, I jaw-dropped. 


He didn't only play on the DJ console…


He performed LIVE for us! 


And here, by LIVE, I don't mean only LIVE in concert.

Most DJ-Producers perform recorded tracks, whether or not it is an original track or a fellow DJ's track.


But for Joachim Garraud, he literally PLAYED THE MUSIC LIVE for us ravers!


It really was marvellous watching him perform with his incredible talents on the handheld guitar-looking electronic keyboard. The music that was playing from his system was amazing too! 

It's always great to watch DJs perform more than what they are expected to do – to DJ.


Three of us were wowed by the talented Joachim Garraud & his space invaders!


Apart from the fabulous performance, he also handed out several space invader alien masks out to us ravers.


BOOOOO! No surprises who caught one of them. Me!


His set wasn't just about done yet, as he ran back to the DJ console to continue playing.

The backdrop complemented his music perfectly and got us raving hard.


Needless to say, we screamed our hearts out


Among the tracks he performed apart from his original productions were Swedish House Mafia's 'Greyhound', Knife Party's 'Internet Friends', Hardwell's 'Spaceman', Bingo Player's 'Rattle', Axwell's 'In My Mind', Pitbull's 'Krazy' and heaps more others!


My buddies and I! Oh and yes, my alien mask too


When Joachim Garraud left the stage, I spotted him autographing some of the masks that he gave out.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a signature! But no matter, it's happily sitting in the dashboard of my car now.

Hello!!!! I'm a white alien for the night.



The next act of the night was one-half of electronic music duo LMFAO, Redfoo.

Yupyup, the boys who brought us Party Rock Anthem' and 'Sexy and I know It', among other addictive songs!


Their crew's DJ warmed up the crowd for Redfoo


One for Instagram, methinks!! (Or Twitter and Facebook, or all three haha)


We were waiting for Redfoo to come on stage quick so we could partyrock already!


We didn't have to wait long, as we were enjoying the music their DJ had put up for us.

Before we knew it, Redfoo popped on stage!


Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah baby!


Redfoo couldn't stop tickling our ribs with his insane humour!


Redfoo not only performed a splendid combo of dancing and singing..


He also insisted on "going back old skool' and began taking over the DJ console!




They performed an energy-driven performance, complete with props and a partyrock crew on stage!

Among the props were a life-sized blow-up zebra. beach balls and so much more


For some odd reason, I initially mistook this zebra as a giraffe LOL


Beach balls for us to throw and bounce within the crowd!

It was not long before the ever-popular track 'Party Rock Anthem' which shot them to fame in 2010 began blasting from the sound system. Finally! Let's put on our best partyrock gear and shuffle away, shall we?


That cardboard box-guy mascot from LMFAO's official 'Party Rock Anthem' was there too!


I actually saw a few cardboard box guys in the crowd as well. 

Looks like my fellow party people took the effort to dress up!


Hmmm.. maybe I should too, next time!


Confetti burst!


Among the songs they performed were 'Getting Over You', 'Reminds Me of You', 'Shots', 'Champagne Showers', 'Party Rock Anthem', 'Sorry For Party Rocking', 'Sexy and I Know It' as well as Chuckie's 'Who Is Ready To Jump?', Alesso's 'Everybody Raise Your Hands', David Guetta's 'I'm In Miami Bitch', Madagascar's theme song 'I Like To Move It' and more!


Wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!


One of the most surprising and fascinating thing that happened during their performance was when the LMFAO party rock crew, including Redfoo himself, stripped down to their underwear and performed 'Sexy and I Know It' just like the official video


Wow. Did I just witness that in real life? Really? Coolbeans!


He pulled his black liquid leather pants back up and continued party rocking with more and more songs.

It was unstoppable! He was getting the crowd all pumped up even more and more! With Redfoo around, there was no sign of exhaustion from the crowd. 


Keep it going, Redfoo!


My very own party rock crew for the night!


The final, closing act to play for the night was none other than the legendary Asian-American electro-house DJ-producer and founder of electronic record label, Dim Mak Records.



I've always wanted to watch him perform! Been following his rave party videos on YouTube and I must say, those were really hardcore partying, I don't even! 

Was kinda wondering if he would shoot us partygoers to the skies with his mind-blowing performance?


I was right.



He was one of the MOST energetic DJs I've ever seen performing in my entire life!

Steve Aoki exceeded my expectations. He was jumping so hard, climbing on the DJ console, wildly waving his arms in the air, interacting with his fans and raving with us almost the entire night.

Hitting turbulence with Steve Aoki



Watching Steve Aoki LIVE in front of me was some sort of a dream come true. 

I've always been a fan of his music and his bassline always gets me going.


To party with the hardcore Steve Aoki for a non-stop two hour set? Priceless.


Steve Aoki preparing his float boat


He was also throwing his few signature rave party moves, such as caking the audience (yes, throwing massive birthday cakes on everybody's faces), splashing champagne showers on everybody (just popping open a bottle of champagne and spraying it on everyone), crowd surfing (with an actual float boat) and more. 


The crowd was exhilarated beyond measure and raised their hands in unison to float Steve Aoki's boat – literally!
While rocking in the boat, he also waved our Malaysian flag.


Why, thank you, Steve! 


Buddy Vincent was my only partyrocker left.

The rest couldn't stand the rowdy crowd and decided to take a rest somewhere!


Confetti burst into the sky again, leaving little tinsels of coloured paper filling the air!


One landed on my nose!


During Steve Aoki's set, he introduced Redfoo of LMFAO on stage again and guess what?

The two of them performed their new collaboration track, 'Livin' My Love'!


I honestly never expected to see the both of them on stage together!

Apparently they're buddies in real life (Steve Aoki caked Redfoo in Tokyo before LOL) and I found out through their Twitterfeed that they were already planning to perform their collabo track on stage for us tonight.

See this dude with the 'CAKE ME' signage?


Well, he got what he wanted. Steve Aoki took another enormous birthday cake and smashed it onto the fella!

Come to think about it, how often can you say "STEVE AOKI CAKED ME LAST NIGHT!" huh? 


We kinda avoided being caked and thank goodness

we were free from the rather pungent vanilla!

By the end of the night, I was running outta fuel and feeling so drained but still strangely energetic!

I had one of the best rave party night's ever.




Oh and, I'm actually preparing a video I made of tonight's We Love Asia rave.

Stay tuned! I'll embed it here once I'm done.


Till then, We Love Asia, I salute you partyfolks!

Thanks for giving us ravers a ball of a time