Sounds like a really swell party ain't it?

But yeah.. I didn't go. Simply because.


No sensationalized logic and reason of my not being there. H-Artistry has always been a fabulous blend of music, drinks and company. I've always been attending almost all the Artistry parties ever since its 1st installment,  but no.. not this time round.

I just wasn't up for yet another party during that weekend. For a change, I packed my bags and went on a roadtrip back to visit my family – the fockers 🙂


And so I found the perfect reason to dig out the old piccies of the previous H-Artistry party

to share them here.



The only reason I realized I didn't blog about it yet because the blogpost of the Police Raid superseded it. Yes there was a Police Raid throughout the whole ring of Sunway nightclubs after the party. Hohoho

So anyway, here's some of the itsy bitsies of the H-Artistry party!


With the whole lot of party peeps during the press conference


Yes so this is a lazy post. I've got my final examinations coming up in a few days and I'm swamped up to my neck with the piles and piles of notes and lecture recordings to stock my brain up with. Gah. Wish me luck, sigh!

Been stuck with my American Music and Popular Culture notes the whole day. And if you're wondering, it's an elective 🙂 Anyways, here are some party piccies to cheer myself up and also for your viewing pleasure 🙂


Beatboxer Shawn Lee and Japanese DJ Sarasa


My favorite local rock band, Bunkface 🙂


My friends and I then made our way to the Media/Bloggers section upstairs


This is the view from up here!



Okays so two whole bottles of Hennessy and yummy mixers like apple juice and more were all there for us to donk it all down. More piccies of us all chillin' by the box seats upstairs


People say we have the same smile, no? 😀

What do u think? hehe


With Bart!


With the Nuffies 😀

aaarrghh misfocused photo


Hennessy all the way babeh!



Then I went downstairs to join my other friends as well, meet Jody 🙂 She's my classmate in Monash University


Aaaacckkk my face is so oily from all that dancing and sweat 🙁


With the dudes at the other table beside ours!


Back to my seat, with ma gurls 🙂


Just had to post this piccie too. Xiang looks so different without glasses! 😀


With Raphael! We used to go to college together back in the days


Needless to say, everyone was having fun bustin' it out at the dance floor with the yummy concoctions of Hennessy too. Shot this from the top. Just look at the insane crowd!


Party on yo!


So yeah, it was plain to see that everyone had fun! There was another party happening on the other side of town though, it was the Guinness St. Patrick's festival! Was initially supposed to head on there after this party but was too worked up.

Plus, my high-heeled booties snapped at the poor heel! Tough luck!! 🙁 🙁 Bah


Okay please shoo me away to continue studying

sigh. I'll be baaaaccccccccckkkk!!! 😀 😀