As you would probably know, here I am back in the hometown with ze focker family 🙂

Spending quality time with the folks, either shopping, having meals, watching TV or catching up over a game of poker is indeed therapeutic.. especially during a stress-free long weekend!


Driving on a one-stop journey down the North-South Highway back home!

Brass Angel Wing ring by Soak Republic



And then of course, there is the Pasar Malam after some grocery shopping.

Pasar Malam is a Night Market, in the Malay Language. There are many reasons why I like to frequent Pasar Malams, I'm no cheapskate LOL but because there's just so much to see (and shop) there! Multitudes from different cultures all come together in this melting pot of stalls

After coming home from last night's Pasar Malam voyage, my observations taught me something I never really noticed about Pasar Malams initially. So here's a wee bit of what Iearnt


1. "Burgers" come in all shapes, sizes… and cultures. Yes, cultures.

Last night, I discovered that "authentic China hamburgers" exist. And the odd part? The vendors weren't any bit of Chinese.

But they sure taste good! It's just lil ham slices, sausages and chicken floss wrapped in egg with some batter



2. Vendors selling boring pets like goldfishes use adorable fluffy poodles to attract easily fascinated customers (like me)

Needless to say, lotsa gurls flocked the fish store. And because of the pool of squealing girls there, it domino effected the boys to crowd around too. So there ya have it, a huge crowd of people at the fish store looking at a dog. The Gods of Irony would be so proud!



3. Smelly tofu honestly, isn't smelly after all.

It actually tastes yummy. I guess theboyfriendJosh was right after all.

Fermented tofu might be so unappealing and stink badly, but it's friendly to the tastebuds



4. Pasar Malam vendors segregate themselves naturally the moment they arrive.

1 Malaysia, much?

In one corner there are the Chinese, selling all sorts of weird things you can possibly imagine… from armpit tweezers to pirated DVDs and rattan whips, from cactus to bras and cooking pots

In another corner there are the Malays, selling a myriad of fruits… prolly from their own dusun, kebabs and enormous rolls of fabric and woven mats

And another corner would be the Indians, selling sugar laden coconut cakes, deep fried potato crackers and dangling blingbling accessories



5. Free entertainment from the handicapped

Okay, not entirely free – donate according to goodwill and the kindness of your heart!

There would be limbless people sitting in the middle of the Pasar Malam singing songs for us all. And most of the time, the songs are pretty good! Think popular hits from the 70s. Okay, here's some change for you, mate! 😀



Apart from those stuff that were on sale there, I managed to haggle out some goodies which caught my eye. Little by little, I think the bill never came up to a 100 bucks! Oh, and I had fruit juices too. A vile medley of celery, pineapple, beetroot and cucumbers. Icky. But healthy -__-"


It was only after I got home, I realized that I wasn't part of the Moulin Rouge cabaret

*hopes & prays these lovelies appropriates the next theme party I attend*



Apart from being your wannabe Ella Fitzgerald and La Toya Jackson, my fancies took a trip into the time machine and went back to the era of the retro and the old skool phase. Check out my new shades 😀


No, not the lower pair of miniature granny glasses

I scare myself sometimes, reminding me of my father and his huge-ass housefly spectacles



When I got home, I caught Godmom and Popoh playiing with my camera. Apparently, they were learning to camwhore 😀 No prizes on where they picked that up from! 😛 But apart from managing 5% of their faces in the frame and 95% of the picture of the empty wall and ceiling, they did pretty alright for a start 😛 😛 😛

Tried on the retro polka dotted bow fro the fun of it!


Bought this raggedy torn-ish black top from the Pasar Malam too

It's really sheer, but I pumped up the contrast 😛



Oh and allow me to share why I love my Popoh so very much.

Apart from being that perfect granny figure of spoiling her grandkid and showering me with tender loving care, this granny can kick ass!


She's tattooed.. and so am I!

She gave me a lighter for being a good girl. Yes, not a light nor a lightsaber, a lighter

She drinks like a fish 😀 *highfive popoh


but most importantly….





Now why do you think I cancelled all my weekend plans to be with the fockers?

😀 😀 😀 because they are awesome like that