ZOMGAWD I've been nerding so much for the past few days it isn't even funny.
Yup, final examinations are just around the corner! I tell ya, my heartbeat can even upstage that of a racing horse.


Love love love studying at the Monash Library

It has pretty colorful beanbags scattered all over the carpet! :D



Last night, I was up till 5 in the morning *stares hard at someone* and I had to wakeytime at 9am this morning for classes! Usually I'd just slam the snooze button and go right back to sleep but no, it's the revision class today where the lecturers would *hopefully* give exam guidance and tips.

Had totally no make up on and wore the nerdy glasses to shield my tiny eyes

UGHH! Dreaded the whole day – not having enough sleep! *grumpy*



Anyway, I should be napping now but was all fresh and awake after a shower. Gah! So let's talk about… JAPANESE FOOOOOOD and good company! Was in Singapore last month and theboyfieJosh took me to Sakura Buffet, a popular Japanese restaurant food chain


This is the largest branch, in Clementi!

It occupies a whole double story mansion and you gotta book a place to get in!




I've been a Japanese food fan ever since… when? Since the day I found out and actually knew that Japanese food existed in Malaysia. LOL Don't snigger at me, I found out when I was 8. Ever since then, I've been hooked to Jap food for the longest time, till today 😀


Only thing is, don't get me started with the names!

From Edamame to Chawanmushi to Unagi Kabayaki and Kanimayo etc

If that's jargon to you, ya better study the Jap menu! 😛 😛



What I liked about Sakura is their live teppanyaki cooking zone. Instead of just a usual sushi buffet with all the kinds of sushi you can pick and choose, there's this zone where you can drop a lil red peg to place your order. And they'll cook it on the spot fer you! 😀


Brass key & ring necklace by Soak Republic

Can you guess what this sushi is? 😀 GUESS GUESS 😀

See the red peg on clipped to my plate btw



Nothin's better than having sushi with good company 😀



Heck, I've ate sushi all alone before in Sushi Zanmai. Was in the mood for some sushi after gymming but had no one to eat with meeeeeeeee 🙁 So poor me just sat down all alone along the Kaiten Belt pretending to keep myself busy with my BB and eating by myself heh


Okay so have you guessed what this is yet? 😀


It was delectable when served hot! 😀 😀

Juicy & totally melts in your mouth. Not tellin' ya until you guess!



Aight, with that said, I'm headin' out to meet up with Eric for dinner now 🙂 We're gonna have some Jap food and he has promised to make my Blackberry pretty! 😀 😀 Can't wait! Oh and, check his awesome blogshop specially dedicated to Blackberry lovers!

I know you fellow BB fans will love it just like I did. A featured review of it coming soon! Meanwhile, it's www.blackberryhousing.blogspot.com . Go crazy choosing! 😀