Fancy having your meals in the toilet?

Yes, you read right – the toilet.
The place where it reeks of human excretions and pungent floor-cleaning agents.
The place where the floors are constantly wet and footprinted with dampened dirt.
The place where soggy tissues are strewn all over the place.

Well, let’s be fair. Not all toilets resemble what I’ve just described. Not this one in particular… T-Bowl, Queensbay. The things is, it’s not a toilet. It’s a food outlet, people. A FOOD outlet. So, don’t go and proceed with your businesses there.. you’d prolly be chased out with a plunger for being a filthy scumbag.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome if you come to think of it. Personally, it’s rather ingenious of the owner. Imagine having two worlds apart fused into one. Toilet & food or example. Hmm… let’s have mamak teh tarik & roti bom in a place like TGI Fridays’.

However, I’m stubborn enough to remain adamantly insistent about my opinion (obviously driven by personal pet peeves) that I would never, ever, have my meals in the toilet, irrespective of whether it’s staged or real – or anything remotely close to that of a place. Like, hello? It’s a toilet for heaven’s sake.

Yes, a very colourful and cheery toilet.
A wholesomely decorated place with impressive tiling, adorable seats and good design.
 Whatever, it’s still a toilet all the same.


Toilets are not meant to be a place for meals!!

You see? Food is served in a toilet bowl.
Such disrespect given to food itself.

Dang that ideology is still stuck in my head. No way jose imma change it.

The seats are toilet bowls, the tables are bathtubs, the walls are toilet-tlled, the lights are shower heads and so on! Please don’t tell me the air freshening is the natural smell of an ordinary toilet. My puke will instantaneously decorate your floor.

I shall refuse to go to T-Bowl until and unless I’m dreadfully required to (which is something I don’t forsee is going to happen), or anyone of my pals drag me in there. Then again, I shall vehemently refuse to eat and will watch you eat.

That is unless, well, I get tempted.

Which always happens so………

I might probably end up eating in that artificial toilet setting one fine day.

Damn.  -_-“