If you didn’t already know, there is this Indochina restaurant on the I’m-not-sure-which-floor of Queensbay Mall. Hey, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s on one of the highest floors. Prolly the 3rd floor?

So yeah, if you haven’t taken Geography before, (I’m not referring to you Malaysians cos’ it’s impossible not to have taken Geography in Secondary 3) so as I was saying, Indochina is the area located just above Malaysia. The whole range of South-East Asian countries on the top left of the region’s map.

It’s known for it’s elephants and exotic foods. Hmm.. more? Google up Indochina.

So anyway, the restaurant.
Yeah, each table has this veil on it and the waitresses are all dressed up according to the theme of the restaurant. Authentic paintings are hung on the interior cream-coloured walls and the cushion’s upholstery are really one of a kind.  The exterior walls are impressive as well ;with intricate carvings of 3-dimensional elephants

The food?

Well, that’s up to YOU to discover. Being adventurous is an advantage, is it not? *winks*