All event shots courtesy of this Pen-rific powerhouse!




So there was this one fine night where I made my way to Euphoria, Ministry of Sound in Sunway for the launch and after-party of the new Sunsilk line. Truth be told, I was excited for the event as this is the brand I've been using for years and years!

I now even have the whole line.. see for yourself 😀


Thanks Sunsilk!

And yes, that is my No Photography Allowed tee on the upper right

I'm a lady of irony when I feel like it 😛



So the event kickstarted with a welcoming speech by Ainul Yaqin, one of the Directors for Unilever (Sunsilk's parent company) and ta-daaaaaa! 🙂 We were treated to a really sensual dance by a group of girls. Sounds really wrong coming from me, but heck.. they were good!


There was also a really hunky dancer poppin' lockin' and droppin' it on stage 🙂


Lotsa photo ops and it was time for the launch gambit! Right before us, was a Hair Talk Live with one of the hair experts! It was a really eye-opening session on hair care, as he analyzed some of the Malaysian personalities' hair condition and shared with us all on the know hows on how to protect your hair

what to do and what not to do

We all learnt so much!


All the guests listening attentively

including yours truly! 😀


So after the enlightening session and lotsa Q & A from the floor, it was time for dinner! All of us proceeded upstairs for food, dessert and drinks. It was supernoms! 😀 The satay was irresistable. No piccies of the food because (obviously) we were busy noming.

But here's the view from upstairs though!

Lotsa people mingling among themselves over food too

Prolly concoction their own hair talks with each other 😛



Anyways, here are 3 of the 7 hair experts. It's great to know that Sunsilk has collaborated with 7 of the world's leading hair experts to create scientifically made formulations to cater to each unique hair type!


Lemme show you their line of different shampoos!

Do you spot mine? 😀

It's the 3rd from the left!



edit : since a reader asked, I'll include this bit 😀


Blue – For Vibrant Colour Protection

Silver- For Straight & Sleek Perfection

Orange- For Damaged Hair Reconstruction

Pink – For Silky Smooth & Manageable hair (anti-frizz)

Green – For Lively Clean & Fresh (including oily, dandruff & hair fall)

Black – For Stunning Black Shine

Gold – For Defined Bouncy Curls



When I knew I was going to meet the Hair Expert who worked on my particular shampoo, I was ecstatic! Imagine, you've been using the telephone everyday since you were a kid and now when you're all grown up, you're finally meeting Alexander Graham Bell in the flesh.

Okay, that would be highly impossible in the present discourse… but at least you catch my drift! 😀



The guy behind my favorite shampoo line, Thomas Taw from London

… not to mention good looking too! 😀



We chatted with him and got to know a new thing or two about hair care. Well.. I had to hear it from the horses mouth, didn't I? 😀 I have my hair dyed red 3 times a year – don't wanna turn bald by 30 LOL

after all the seriousness, it was time for their after party

with Griza & her bro, Wen & Suresh



The bartenders were a really fun bunch! One of them actually put a brown paper bag over their head – ala Domokun – and started to wave his arms wildly in the air! 😀 😀 ahahaaaha. Kalai managed to join us for a short while outta her busy schedule too!

Ooooh and there was free flow of Carlsberg draft too 😀


After all the running up and down having our food, drinks and bumping into friends, we decided to chill by the tables


For those of you who asked,

the adorable red charmbracelet is from the pinnacle of all accessories, Soak Republic!



There's lotsa other colours too! You can check 'em out for yourselves at their blogshop kay?

Mine is red, as it's my favorite colour of them all. Here's a closer look at it :


Shot on Macro. Love it maximus!

There's a fire engine, a fire hydrant, fire fighting gizmos and Snoopy wearing a fireman helmet


One more camwhore shot for the road!



Oooh and before we left, we collected our instant photographs from the counter. When we first arrived, we were told to pose as a group / or individually at the photowall, so we could take home a copy of our photographs!

What an enlightening & fun night

So take care of your crowning glory peeps!