Oh, and before I forget… my good friend Nadiah Nabillah bt. Mohammed Allaudin has just charmed the MPPP man! Not the garbage man, you stereotypical fool, it’s the parking man– you know the one in greenish-yellow flourescent vest who writes and gives people the parking receipts? Yeah, that MPPP man.

The very sweet moment all began in Jessica’s car. Here it is-

They exchanged 80cents worth of money for my parking, and that was the first touch and first glance. I suppose he must have been enchanted by her exotic Bollywood looks, as he started to give her a toothy grin after speaking in Tamil with her; and not being Indian, she obviously did not understand a word he said. When we were about to leave, he was instantly smitten by her oh-so-gorgeous looks and tried to ask for her phone number. I know, like, ohmygod right!???!! She was obviously as baffled as i was, and tried to feign partial deafness.

Goodness gracious, the best part was that I kept teasing her about her parking boy the whole time and made up a prophecy about her getting married in a parking lot with him, and most probably have children in the parking lot as well. In all my excitement, I pressed the honk by accidentand thank heavens no machete-wielding man came out of the car yelling foul language at me for honking at him.

Stupid honk. That was embarrassing.

I hope you enjoyed this post, dear Nads.. just for you and your parking boy. Oh, only if he’s computer literate of course.