We went to Danai Spa! We went to Danai Spa!

That’s Nads feet getting a pedicure                              And that’s my nails getting done!


The massage feels ssso good on our tired and stressed muscles.. I felt so pampered; like an Egyptian queen soaking in an aromatherapy oil baths with rose petals all over. We even went to do our nails! Since I’m always known to be a black, white, red and pink person, it just crossed my mind to choose a different colour – resulting in me choosing purple! Haha.. what else do you want me to put? Yellow? Orange? Green? No way, Jose. Ha ha.

How does it look? Rather different on me, for a change.

Oh, and for dinner I ate Caesar Salad with smoked salmon! Yummy yummy unlike you Nadiah, unhealthy and OILY and fattening dinner. Haha, but I do have to admit that yours was good- sinfully good, of course.