I’ve always had this stereotypical mindset about Cameron Highlands. Yeah, of strawberries, cactus and whatnot.

But, I was wrong. goddamn wrong.

i now understand that holidays aren’t all about ‘doing things’. It can also comprise family togetherness and silly but fun moments. Why, I remember when my cousin, Meng, tried to pose his head near the garbage bin and guess what? His cap fell inside. =P

We stopped by at a strawberry farm. And guess what? We had a chance to pick and pluck our own strawberries! *ahem* Unfortunately, I DID NOT get a chance to, because THONG KIT SHAUN (yes, you, my dear couzzie) did not tell me about it. Instead, Meng and I were busy gobbling up some ‘nasi lemak’ (for those of you who do not speak the Malay language, it’s fat rice, in direct translation)

You know what’s the worst part of my trip???




  1. Sandwiches for breakfast
  2. ‘Fat rice’ for brunch
  3. KFC for lunch
  4. Strawberries, corn and scones for tea
  5. Some lame pancakes for tea
  6. Chocolate fondue with strawberries for pre-dinner
  7. Ikan panggang for dinner
  8. Fried rice for supper
  9. More strawberries
  10. More scones


I’m a certified waste chute! Darn, I don’t bother- it’s back to the gym with me after the holidays!!

p/s- Shaun ate double of what I ate. =P


We walked to the nearby marketplace and tourist attractions and bought so much stuff for myself, hubby and all my buddies in college. Guys, yall will get your hands on em when yall see me again! =)

We saw a pair of flamboyant (not to mention, ugly) jeeps


And a statue of popping wooden tits! Like, eww. Horny biatch.


A silly frog that is too adorable yet foolish to resist my camera


We went downtown too- Tanah Rata. Cactus Valley and Strawberry Park was the bomb. It was something like a hike all the way up there and when we reached the peak, we ATE AGAIN! Fresh salads with strawberries, strawberry shakes, strawberry juices, strawberry scones with strawberry jam. Man, I’m sick of strawberries already.

There were pwetty flowers blooming everywhere and hydroponic veggies too!


Owh, just to divert for a lil while… We saw a piccie of a floating agong! He looks bloated and as though he’s defying gravity. Will I get into jail for mocking him? =P

And I do remember us sleeping at 4.00am on one night because we were having our ‘pillow talk’. Like, eww. You wouldn’t wanna know the topic of our discussion.
Haha. Oh, not forgetting the fact that it was blisteringly cold up there. Gosh. Thank goodness I had my hoodie with me

Ate a splendid dinner (courtesy of Uncle Phillip) with a picturesque view of what might pass of as The Great Valley.

But seriously, the picture below DID NOT compliment the scenic view of what we saw. Well, pictures doesn’t always do things justice, do they?

All in

all, we had a superb time.

Love yall.. blood s definately thicker than water – I can vouch for that. *mwah*