So my friend, Wei Jin posted this photo on his Facebook profile with the caption:

"Anyone seen this strange looking bug before?? @@"


I totally freaked the moment I saw it.

Pardon my language, but what the fuck is that?!?? 


It looks like a cockroach mated with a grasshopper, producing this hybrid, ghastly lobster-looking insect.

LOL If it's even an insect to begin with. By definition, insects have 6 legs.


My observation:

See that final pair of "leg"? It looks like a lizard's tail or a worm to me. 

It has wings, albeit quite short.

It has feelers, like those of a cockroach


I then gathered more details about this odd creature –

  • He found it beside the kitchen table 
  • It is about 3 centimetres in length, bigger than a cockroach (half the size of his palm)
  • It's tail looked like the back of a snake and had white stripes on it
  • It looked like a rat from far and when my friend wanted to hit it, it flew a little
  • The yellow stuff is its secretion (shit and goo)


If you guys have any more questions, just ask 🙂

Any opinions of yours is good too.


Thanks! I'm just extremely curious to find out what this is.

Any help will be appreciated! Share this! We'll find out what it is together 



A few readers told me it looks like a woodlouse.

And others told me it could be a wood termite.

More of them claimed it was the famed 'Cockamouse' from How I Met Your Mother


LOLOLOLOL I quite agree. But it's a fictional creature so it's impossible


Any more opinions, guys? 🙂



Finally discovered what that underground monster is! 😀 😀 😀


It's called a Mole Cricket! (discovered it when I was Googling and Wikipedia-ing all night)

Ta-da! Same, right?


Your new best friend


I was sorta right. It IS a hybrid. And from the grasshopper family.

It's a cricket! Not your average cricket FYI.


This creature is nocturnal and practically spend their entire lives underground and digging tunnels.

It feeds on larvae, worms, roots and grasses.