Express post from my iTouch!

Finally! My dreams of going to the snow, playing with snow and even seeing snow for the 1st time, came true!

And it's even better with someone special and your good friends to experience it with



Yup! This is it.

Konzylove and I on our very first snowtrip 


We departed from Melbourne all the way up Mount Buller.

Cruising along the highway, I caught sight of many beautiful sceneries! Here are some of them:










iknowright. How beautiful is the outback Australia?

LOL towards the end, Greg's car overheated and we had a half an hour break in the middle of the highway 



The boys doing their thang



Taking a MOTHER breakkie! Well, he did.

But I had chocolate milk instead 😛


So after a grueling 3.5 hour roadtrip along the highway, we finally arrived our destination! 😀



Thanks Mr. GPS for guiding our way!



Sunny days are awesome!


When we finally got there and parked at the carpark, we were told that the taxi fare was AUD$18.50. 



Wait, what? Almost 20 bucks per person just for a 5 minute drive? Screw it. 

We didn't wanna be ripped off and ended up hiking 3KM up the hill like a bawse!



Slowly but surely.

Wasn't easy as we had heaps of luggage to drag up with us


But we finally got up in the end as a good samaritan helped to drive us through our last 500meters 




I'm on top of the world!


Roadtrippin' w dearest boyfie & another lovely couple – my buddies Kayla & Greg, spells fun!


Checking into our accommodation, the Pension Grimus Ski Hotel!


I was so excited; beyond exhilarated upon seeing snow for the very 1st time with my very own eyes.

Hey, ima tropical island girl, can't blame me 😉



This weekend getaway up the snow mountain is gonna be amazing.




Can't wait to build snowmen, snow angels & to ski, toboggan & snowboard already!

Although the rental of snow gear, snow attire is gonna cost me a bomb, it's gonna be worth it!



For now, all we gotta do is wait 

There's just something about getting warm kisses on a blistering, cold night 


Goodnite 😀 More updates soon!