Another milestone has passed, just like it would in a long journey ahead. I shan’t say it was easy, neither should I deem it tough – I guess, it is well worth loving with genuine and mutual effort.

We went through ups and downs, laughter and tears for a whole year after our 2nd anniversary, and here it is – HAPPY 3rd DARLING!

This year’s celebration was personal, cosy and an evening/night to remember. No swanky restaurants, no typical holiday; we stayed in and had our ball of fun!

Prior to today, the effort was a nightmare! muahahaaa.. I actually learned how to bake cookies, thanks to the assistance of my besties, Steph and Denise.

What ingredients??? What methods??? What recepies? ??

I am a total zero in the kitchen, because I have never actually cooked anything before! But hey, it turned out not bad for a first timer –

It’s a huge choc chip & walnut cookie as a heart —>

We snuggled up on the couch in front of the telly with our favorite snacks and drink (all courtesy of Benj) and oops, I nodded off before the stroke of midnight. =P

Wine for two? haha

Benj then woke me up planting lil kisses on my face “happy annvy! happy anvvy!” Yay!!! The moment we’ve been waiting for. *grin*

After much suspense on what surprise he has for me, I loved it on the spot when he gave it to me – not only because he spent the time doing it, but it was also because he was a person who just does not do any art at all. Something like the way I don’t do culinary at all. Hubby!!! I love yewww.. thanks so much!
<— It’s a handmade framed photo collage of us

It was rather (heavily) coincidental that the concept of our gifts were the same – I don’t have much culinary skills nor does he have much artistic skills. But our gifts were produced from those weakest skills! Goodness me.. Thank God it didn’t turn out a failure =)

All smiles with our new prezzies!

That was not all. After all the euphoria, Benj played me an acoustic version of one of our favourite songs, Sum41-Best of Me, while I sang along to it. Only then, I learned that he was practicing all along to play me this song. I’m sorry you had to see me cry, you really moved me a whole lot.
Luvya to bits!

Well darling, it certainly has become our theme song for the 4th year that we now embark on.