Too lazy to hit the gym today because we still wanted to stay in Queensbay! hehe, it’s alright babes. I can’t stop shopping and checking out pretty stuff either – girls being girls. What is there to say? =)

We hung out there and had some Sakae Sushi but A CERTAIN GOOD FRIEND OF MINE MISS NAINA KAMATH refused to try Sushi.
Afraid of raw stuff, disgusted with ‘cold & smelly’ stuff. Hey, you need to get out there and get exposure woman! haha.. chill. You know I love ya. =)So, we grabbed some stuff at McD’s and camwhored a lil.

(okay, a lot)

My insatiable desires for ice-cream then got the better of me upon seeing Naina’s ice-cream. I bought the Cornetto Sundae! Oh fuck. It’s going straight to the fat deposits. Oh, and for the record, I made Nads buy one too!

Join the ice-cream family people! =)

We went on a shoe frenzy, handbag craze and clothes madness. I bought a few tops from MNG, Forever21 and GAP – piccies when I wear them. (i’ll make sure I won’t forget)