Yes I'm still alive. Was just abducted by my piles and piles of books and lecture recordings, that's all.


Grapes while studying. Popoh made me eat 'em

Brain food, she says 😀



So yes, my 1st examination of the year is over – American Music and Popular Culture. 3 more exams to go! Can't say that paper was tough neither can I say it was easy. It was just…. DISTURBING. Yes. That's the word. Disturbing.


But nothing like some good ol' Sushi to cheer me up! 😀 😀

Necklace by Soak Republic (i added my camera pendant in too!)



It was indeed disturbing to listen to oldies and folk songs on loop everyday trying to distinguish the instrumentation, distinctive characteristics of that genre and memorizing the names of the singers – I WASN'T BORN IN THAT ERA! Try remembering the songs of Scott Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix



They're prolly giggling in their graves giggling at us for havin' sucha hard time with their music


Duuuuuuuuuude. Like seriously.

As if tuning in to Light & Easy (now known as Lite.FM) everyday isn't hard enough.



Okay, enough ranting. I've just got outta the shower, smelling all fresh and in my PJs already. So is my dog. Here's Goddy and myself putting on her PJs for tonight. It usually gets cold in the middle of the night so Penny prefers to wear them while snuggling up on her scatter cushion.




Enjoy! She's not usually this obedient when we wear her pyjamas but I guess she's putting on her best behavior 'cos she knows she's on camera for all of you to see! 😛 😛 😛 hahaha


Goodnight all 😀 Be good and pleasant dreams!