This the season to get fit!

Haha in fact, everyday's a season to get fit. It depends on our willpower after excruciatingly looking at the figure on that weighing scale.


I was recently invited to Prince Hotel KL's Fit For Life campaign this year! Back by popular demand, I was ecstatic to know that it's here again 😀 😀 So anyways, this time round Eccucino restaurant features the exciting and healthy selection of cuisine designed with low cholesterol and calorie intake again.


But it still tastes delightful! Just, less sinful 😀

I like how they put up lil info cards on the dishes! Learn a new thing a day


Executive Chef DJ and his culinary team with the advisory of HSC Medical Center’s professional Dietitians, have specially prepared a wide selection of dishes and drinks suitable for this Fit For Life campaign. Whoa. Professionals in their fields making sure our meals are in tiptop health goodness!



ooo really? 😀 I didn't know that till today!



What I found really cute was this. If you've been to Eccucino in Prince Hotel, you would know that they have this mega awesome huge chocolate fondue fountain there. But in line with this campaign, they put up a mini fondue fountain instead!


So tiny compared to the huge one! 😀



In addition, we were all encouraged to take a blood pressure measurement from the peeps at HSC Medical center.


With the friendly consultants 🙂


Yaaayy! My blood pressure and diastolic systolic info are all normal!!

😀 😀 whoopie doo! That's something good to know



And it's dancing time! 😀 We were treated to a really cool showcase of Belly Dancing and Hip Hop dancing from Celebrity Fitness as well as Line Dancing from i-Dance Studio and more!



And the best part was, I was dragged in to dance with all of them too! 😀 I initially didn't want to but when everyone proceeded, I was like "Ahhh what the heck, I should give this a try! haha" We danced to a very foreign routine of Line Dancing (to me at least!)


or.. was it Square Dancing? I can't tell the difference!

haha #fail me 😛



So after that I went checkin' out the displays and showcases they had there. Guess what I saw!


NO SUGAR CHOCOLATE DRINK! lalalalala~ 😀 😀 oh the joy

We were given a taste of that hot chocolate during dinner too and it tasted fab!



On to some of the food prepared for us! There was just so many, I couldn't possibly shoot each and every single one.. but here's my top faves 😀 😀


Prawns 😀

They were really aromatic and fresh!



Baked fish!

Loved the texture. Ima fish lover so this one was really my cuppa tea 😀


Another kinda fish!

Ohhh the joy 😀 This one had a tangy flavour to it 🙂 🙂



Now this one has some pandan-ish aroma to it, goes fab with the dipping sauce too


Chicken and beef cuts! 😀

Reminds me of kebabs hehe


Chilly prawnssss! 😀

RAWWRRR oh the goodness. Spicy!



Oh and here's a mish mash of what I ate 😀


FYI that grainy thing near the broccoli is not rice 😀

It's risotto – one of my fave! If you haven't tried it you should, aye?


As usual, there was a live cooking demonstration at the Action Station!

😀 I had teppanyaki there hehe



Beside that display table, was something very invigorating 😀 Just the sight of it makes me think of all those Bali massages!

Tea, comfy chair, flowers, tub of water, essential oils, hot pebbles – check!



Pretty things all from Mandara Spa!




To my delight, we were also given a complimentary Balinese massage by these lovely masseurs!

Ahhhhhh. This is the life 😀


Sidney and I enjoying our 5 minutes head and shoulder massage!



There was a bootcamp presentation too. I've heard so much about it but haven't seen it with my very own eyes before! Much like national service but tougher and well… I bet it won't be easy! 🙁 🙁 but with sheer determination and energy, I'm sure we'll all do fine


I even signed up for it too! 😀

Can't wait for my 1st session



Thanks guys for the wholesome experience! 🙂 I had an amazing time as usual. So wutcha waiting for, fellas? 😀 if you're up for a healthy yet delicious meal, you know where to go 😀 😀 No need to starve yourselves silly!



Oh and guess what! Someone made a special appearance that night too!

It's the author of 'Not Another Good Food Guide KL', Alice Yong 🙂 She's written a series of 'Not Another Good Food Guide' of many places around the world, I've looked through the Bangkok one sometime before in the bookstore

Love her books. They're really informational, creative and lived up to it's name, heck, it IS not another good food guide after all. Go get your copy! it's available in MPH and Kinokuniya


And now I'm finally meeting the brains behind those fabulous books 🙂

woots! An autographed version of this copy now sits prettily in my car, so if you ask me where to eat….




Whoops just realized i haven't had breakfast. Imma grab some cereal with milk now.. hey! I'm trying to be healthy too thankewverymuch 😀