Okay so one fine day whilst playing with my hair, it struck me "Hey, why not attempt that hair bow bun thing that adorns so prettily atop Lady Gaga's head?" Unfortunately, for the lack of length as compared to that of hers, my bow turned out slightly smaller


Okay, very much smaller 🙁



Ironically enough, the real bow was bigger than my hair bow -__- Epic fail! And it actually covered up the hair bow – sigh!


Dear hair,

Please grow longer

(and I mean it)

Love, Jess



En route for our usual Focker family dinner



So where did we decide on going this time?

It was the newly launched San Fransisco steakhouse downtown! 😀 Having dined in its KL branch, we thought it would be nice to give the Ipoh one a try. Menu was more or less the same, friendly stuff and whatnot, big screen tellys everywhere but the concept was a huge difference! (more of that later)


Feeling so awkward in the tiny hairbow, I let down my hair and tied it loosely in plaits to the side


I ordered my fave oreo chocolate milkshake! 😀

You know, I'd down anything with chocolate and milk in it



Yes I can hear the calories singing loud and clear! But what the heck! 😛 That's what gym is for, ey? Haha


Milkshake and beer can be a vile match, but it works today!

with Uncle Mike 😀


And the food came! 😀 Finally, after waiting for almost half an hour (not a good sign!) haha. Maybe it was due to the Saturday night dinner crowd after all. It was full house! Oh, and about the concept. The one in KL is more of a fine-dining and atas-ish place but the one in Ipoh was totally like a family dinner outlet. Think Kenny Rogers or Chilis.


Not that I'm complaining, just drawing the difference 🙂 Anyway, foooooooood!


House bread was served warm & fluffy 😀



When the hotdogs came, we were taken aback!

Now you see it for yourselves 🙂


No matter what anyone says, SIZE. DOES. MATTER hahahah 😀

Go figure 😛


Oddly enough, it squirted white stuff when we sliced it

IT'S THE CHEESE. But the Fockers and I couldn't help but to snigger to ourselves!



Mom and I with our fave Salmon 😀


We always end up ordering the same thing LOL

Fish lovers at heart 😀


How can you not love that tender piece of  Baked Salmon? 😀 😀

It's just sitting there waiting to be eaten!



You know how grandparents always happen to look the other way whenever it's picture taking time?

I've ALWAYS wanted to know why. It's not as if they are unaware that they're picture is being taken, and the person holding the camera will always count to 3 before he/she snaps the picture.


So… why do grandparents always don't seem to be looking the correct way?


Food for thought
Enlighten me 😀


It was not until I told her to make sure she looks right into the camera and smiles!! 😀


Okay, Popoh looked this time but didn't smile 🙁


Godmommy! 😀


Momsikins and I before I took off the hair bow 😀

If you look hard enough you will notice something that we're both wearing actually matches



Okay, I should be freaking out now, shouldn't I?

My first day of exams 'American Music & Popular Culture' begins tomorrow. It's an elective, don't ask.


And the horrid examination period just HAD to stretch so tragically till the 25th of June, doesn't it? Thing is, I've only 4 papers to sit for this semester. God save me. Bleh