Tiz evening ma love and i stood by tha doorway to watch tha rain… little did i realise dat these  moments cud bring us to cherish tiz little romantic moment 2getha.. here baby, i wrote tiz frm tha bottom of ma heart. May we last forever~

Ambling toward tha front door,
Sheltered frm tha rain rushing in a pour,
I placed ma fingertips on tha brass grills,
Tha sight outside carried me with thrills…

Stong but gentle pair of hands then wrapped around ma waist,
A wonderful feeling- with a great aftertaste,
We watched tha rain whisper in stealth,
We too marvelled at wut heavens cud bring in wealth..

I held his hands and gripped it tight,
Wishing that tiz cud last thru tiz stormy night,
Refreshed by his presence and ways of love,
I felt Him smile from up above..

Here we stand at tha doorway,
Word were redundant- only actions cud say,
Watchin tha rain; like fine spun threads,
Admist tha billows of Nature’s threats…

We then shifted our stance,
With so much of a lovely glance,
Settling down on tha ceramics below,
Cuddles of endearment dawned with a soft blow…

Basking in his love i slowly thought,
A moment like tiz can never be bought,
Without a doubt.
Every other we deemed zilch..

Tha description- if i can i may,
But nothin cud tell by tha word i say,
But heres a lil gist,
Even tha latter wud go on in a list…

Caressed by tha touch of an evening breeze,
Cold but given warmth; oh wut a tease!
Enveloped by tha zephyr of tha raging rain,
It shud as well noe- itz all in vain,
Audible pitter-patters oftha translucent,
Posing no interruption for tha world is transparent,
Sheltered from tha droplets; warm from tha chilly mist..

We locked eyes and held each other close,
Tha world froze in time- it became our own hourglass..

I then renewed ma beliefs,
Realizing again- mistakes? I never did make.

Ma reminiscence brought me along itz waves,
Deep in thoughts stroking ma heart..

These minutes weigh more than all treasures,
Rejuvenating and exhilarating beyond all measures,
Never thought wut tha rain cud do,
Amazing wut an element cud herald too..

Soon tha day descended its fold,
Clueless to wut tha future might hold,
But wutever it brings im ready by ur side,
Yes.. i proclaim.. i will not hide.

We’ll emblazon our future together,
I’ll hold on to our promise as long as forever,
With this i state and vow to you,
I truly, deeply, do love you too~

Heck.. guess wut b>? MOm read it… *yipez!* and……………. she sed itz a beautiful piece! *phew*
Betcha sleepin already hmm? =) Sweet dreams sweetheart. *mmuacks*

Much love,
ur babygurl Jess