Owh well… itz ma hubby’s bday now… wut can i actually do that will show him that ma love foh him is true>? Can it beat tha surprize bday party he planned foh me? I dunno.. itz all up 2yew hubby…

I woke up at 7.30am to plan wut i had to do… then, ma plan wa in motion. I certainly had no culinary skills for that matter, but heck; i did it anyway. I made breakfast foh ma babyboii.. to me it was a failure… lotz of stuff got burnt so i had to do it again. But, tha last result was kinda ok?

Hmm.. it was a heart-shaped ommelette with cheese… covered with tomato sauce- just lyka real heart. A couple of black peppered sausages, one sliced to decorate the sides of the heart.. and the other twirled in the long strip of ommelette. 2 tuna crossiants and our all time fav, mango juice! And well.. 3 slices of diff cakes frm Secret Recepie (i din do that ya noe…. i bought it!) and well… dinner at Victoria Station… when it was all laid out, i placed ma pathetic graph paper card with a heart-shaped ten-ringgit bill under his cellphone. I crept out and rang him then hung up. Yayy! Nothin backfired! Thru a lil slit at the door, i watched him grope at the card and slowly read it. Ma enthusiasism got the better of me… i showered him with lotza huggz n kisses and yayyY!!!! Boy! I was glad to see sucha cute smiley on his face!!! =*

When asked which part was the best, ya mentioned the breakfast?????!!!! Wut is ma junk compared to a swanking restaurant like that!?? So yeah… i missed ma bio peka today cuz i took d morning to prepare breakfast 4him.. owh dammmit!!!! PEKA!!!!!!!!! Chemistry and Bio!!! waaarrgghhh!!!! im outta here!