Everydayz a brand new day…. datz how i take each second of ma life now>>”

Hmm… anotha episode of ma chronicles..
realistically heartfelt.

Wut happened last nite wuznt exactly wut i had in mind. It wuz tha WW III between ma beloved n i. Tha biggest one by far… all started cuz of summin small… dat turned in2 summin BIG. Im sorry b i didnt noe wut i wuz thinkin.. how can i b so stupid 2actually think ov leaving u>? esp ova such a trivial matter.. well, u snapped me out ov it n kept me believing in us.
Early tiz mornin, wen u reassured me… “baby our relationship is meant to last ” u completely shaken me… yes hubby.. benjica will last, it will. In a way, im glad dat happened ya noe.
. it taught me much. Made me see that tone is tha best n only way to denote a meaning; to decipher a puzzle called love. Plus, it also made tha picture all so clear now.. i do love u with all ma heart- n itz true rite frm tha start. I wont ever thinko f leaving u again, not ever.
However, Im astonished dat God is confidant dat we cud solve it with ease n thus hurled thiz boulder at us..
. upforth our 1st year anniversary. n we proved 2 Him dat we are worth His guidance n time. We love You!!

Another thing 2day has strum wuz, about de importance of frendship. Life is but a walking shadow.. (soundz familiar?) tha meaning cumz n goes. But i, on d other hand wud not vouch for dat if i had a choice. As a matter of fact, i do have a choice. Hence, i believe dat life is a journey of a walkthrough. Therez no turning back even if ya tried. So make all descisionz wisely.. one which therez no point of remorse. Frenz shud not fall out, juz bcoz of a minor dispute.
Preserve tiz bond i shall… n d effort put in; shud not dwell.

—- Thank u God foh granting a challenge upon me.. by trying 2take away tha most important ppl in ma life. My boyfriend, n my frenz. I wont let u down….. im certain 2take it with full force n determination.

_**_deep in thoughtz_**_


– Jess